TaijiFit™is not just an exercise – it’s an experience! 

Great music, great energy – and most of all, great people. It combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Tai Chi. Let go of tension and flow like water. Enjoy a movement experience & gentle exercise that leaves you relaxed, energized & refreshed. TaijiFit  introduces you to the basics of Tai-Chi & Qigong and makes the art of moving meditation fun, stress-free & accessible to all.

TaijiFit™ is Meditation in Motion–ME time in the middle of WE time! Unplug the noise. Connect to NOW. 

Enjoy 45mins. of continuous movement in this group movement experience. Feel the healthful benefits of these ancient martial art movements without stress. All are welcome. No experience needed. Come as often as your schedule allows. TaijiFit™ gives your body exactly what it needs… a gentle way to exercise, a peaceful place to slow down & breathe, a wonderful community.

TaijiFit™ is a wonderful compliment to an existing activity calendar & group fitness schedule.  

Dawn Nader is independently contracted to introduce and facilitate the TaijiFit Experience throughout the Western Suburbs of Chicago. If you have a questions about Tai Chi and the TaijiFit™ Method of sharing Tai Chi with others please reach out.  It is a pleasure to introduce Tai Chi to your community.

TaijiFit™ is improving the condition of the human spirit, one breath at a time. 

Residing in Clarendon Hills, Dawn is a proponent of mindful movement for health and is working towards building a kinder, healthier world for children of all ages to play. Fall in love with the moment. Reconnect to your smile. Find out more- visit: dawnnadertaijifit.me Contact Dawn Nader directly: dnader01@mac.com 

Feel for yourself the Mind/Body connector we call FLOW.