About TaijiFit™

TaijiFit™ is the most unique movement experience to come along in decades.

It’s a ride along the wave of your inner power, like surfing on your own life energy – Qi. It combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi). When you take a TaijiFit™ class, you find yourself moving your body with the grace and confidence of the ancient Tai Chi masters who learned the secret of balancing yin and yang – strength with beauty, power with peace, endurance with flow. There is no routine or choreography to memorize or “get right.” The TaijiFit™ instructor will lead you into FLOW using a method developed by International Master, David-Dorian Ross. Attending every class and practicing at home just to “keep up” will not be needed. Come as often as your schedule allows and never get behind.

Exploring the Frontier of How We Teach and Learn Tai Chi

David-Dorian Ross is the creator of TaijiFit™: Meditation in Motion and the founder of the TaijiFit™ Method- Instructor Training Program. He is America’s “Chi-vangelist,” whose public appearances introduce people to the benefits, accessibility and sheer joy of learning Tai Chi. Inside Kung-fu Magazine called him “the man who brought Tai Chi mainstream.” David-Dorian holds the record as America’s competitive Tai Chi Champion – winning 8 US Gold Medals, a World Silver medal and 2 World Bronze medals in Tai Chi performance (Still the highest record of any American Tai Chi athlete).

TaijiFit™ F.L.O.W.

Feel for yourself the Mind/Body connector we call F.L.O.W. (Feel Love Over Worry).
TaijiFit™ is not just an exercise – it’s an experience! Great music, great energy – and most of all, great people. It combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi).

TaijiFit™ is Meditation in Motion–ME time in the middle of WE time! Enjoy 45mins. of continuous movement in this Movement Experience. Enjoy the healthful benefits of these ancient martial art movements without stress. All are welcome. No experience needed. Come as often as your schedule allows. TaijiFit™ gives your body exactly what it needs… a gentle way to exercise, a peaceful place to practice the pause & breathe, a wonderful community.

It’s time to get out of the head and into the heart- PLAY Tai Chi. Fall in love with how Tai Chi feels in the moment.

TaijiFit™ – ELEVATE the condition of the human spirit, one ahh– at a time.

Real. Simple. Easy to Follow. Tai Chi.

Unplug the noise. Connect to NOW.

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MusicWhy is music so important to the TaijiFit experience?

For me-music reaches into my heart and expresses what I do not / cannot express verbally. It has the power to reach in and give all that I am to another to help others connect to me and help me connect to myself.

There is something very special about this lesson that now plays and my heart keeps finding it’s way back to it.

There is something very special about a teacher and his family that can reach out and invite you to connect and provide a safe space to begin to open your heart.

There is something very special about this movement experience called TaijiFit.

TaijiFit is the bridge and music whispers to me that it is safe to cross over and be vulnerable…David-Dorian took my hand and is patiently waiting & listening for those moments where we can connect and stay connected.

If Tai Chi is the superhero, then music is the superhero’s sidekick and in my experience with TaijiFit this superhero dynamic duo sit side by side in my personal super hero utility belt and work in tandem as a delivery system for QI (life energy).

And, just like that spoon that David-Dorian refers to, they have the power to bring forth or deliver all types of energy to you- both in and around you.

It has the power to change the energy in a person and in a room at the drop of a hat.

Music is my breath, my heart, my spirit.

Our goal when we share TaijiFit with others is to establish, maintain and deepen the flow state of Qi (pronounced chee like cheese). Qi is your life force, life breath, life energy. In Chinese medicine it is said that tension held in the body stagnates the flow of our vital energy, leading to suffering, disease, chronic illness and fatigue.

Music coupled with awareness of the breath and our inner smile, invite me to notice from a distance-How do I feel in this moment…at ease or uneasy? Music pierces the hard outer shell and squeezes through the tiniest crack in the surface. The melodies and lyrics ring out into a cacophony of emotion. Its vibration will breakthrough, expand, soften and dissipate. Thus releasing blockages that make the flow of this life energy stagnate or turbulent.

Music melts away the barriers/resistance patterns that my mind throws around me to keep my heart safe. Safe is not connected. No connection…No FLOW. Qi- the flow of my life force, life breath, life energy will trickle DROP BY DROP as I cling to life by a fingertip.

Music in the TaijiFit experience has the power to find, release and let go of the tension that I hold on to and the feelings I suppress. Music will invite me to linger in the spaces, meandering and flowing like a river… music will help me seek out and carve a pathway in this life that has direction and intention. It will help me flow with my own true nature. Eyes open, heart open, spirit free.

Written on 01.08.2018, The Magic of Music! By Dawn Nader is an entry from Beyond Blankets and Couch Forts. My Bathroom Blog of Mindful Movement(s)…AND Moments. An early morning mind flush from a Mind-FULL Mom. Because everything just FLOWS better when you’re in balance and harmony. So, I go to my place. Where things happen. And yes, the bathroom is…where I go…and think! Yes, the bathroom. I let go of a lot of **** in those quiet hours of the morning. The swirling thoughts that began just before I open my eyes seem to come together in that place of ease and I begin to let go and let it flow. Are you looking for more about the use of music? Check out the David-Dorian Ross YouTube Channel. 2 lessons-Tips for adding music to your classes…which was absolutely beautiful! And, The Secret to the Meditative State. Links provided below. My thoughts about the two lessons coalesce around a central theme- Using music to establish, maintain and deepen the flow state, becoming the catalyst for this entry. Enjoy!