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TaijiFit Studio-On-Line LIVE Classes-

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Free On-line LIVE classes- all you need is internet connection & a computer or mobile device with a camera.  A fun and stress free way to enjoy the healthful benefits of Tai-Chi- all from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room.

For your convenience the Free Flow Shows are Live Streamed and posted to Facebook for replay on our Facebook TaijiFit Community Connections Page.  We also invite you to join us in our Zoom Room. A link is provided at StudioTaijiFit.com look for the big green button on our home page.  We use a platform called Zoom to host our On-line classes.  To participate in the live classes you will need to set up a free account prior to your 1st class.  Visit:  http://Zoom.us/

Our Free Flow Shows feature a 15 Minute Flow To Go, announcements & a little bit of love for your heart! Offered 6 days a week (Morning Flow 6AM Pacific, Morning Flow-Qigong 7AM Pacific, Evening Flow 5PM Pacific & Late Night Flow 11PM Pacific )

A schedule is available on our homepage.  Visit us at StudioTaijiFit.com / Stay connected Daily Updates are provided on our Facebook TaijiFit Community Connections Page.