Studio TaijiFit-On-Line LIVE Classes & Video ON DEMAND Classes-


Ready…set…FLOW! On-line LIVE classes- all you need is internet connection & a computer or mobile device with a camera.  A fun and stress free way to enjoy the healthful benefits of Tai-Chi- all from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room.

Free 15 Minute Flow – 6 Days a week (Morning Flow 6AM Pacific, Morning Flow-Qigong 7AM Pacific, Evening Flow 5PM Pacific & Late Night Flow 11PM Pacific )

Full Length Studio Classes -LIVE ONLINE Classes OR CATCH A RECORDING OF ALL CLASSES THROUGH VIDEO ON DEMAND. Unlimited weekly classes live and or recorded for a monthly subscription fee.  Find out more about our subscription levels, instructors and schedule of weekly offerings- Visit:

You can find Dawn Nader leading LIVE on-line classes in Studio TaijiFit™ :

TU 4PM Pacific TaijiFit™ Fire Fusion-Every Week

SA 8AM Pacific TaijiFit™ Flow-Instructors Rotate

TaijiFit Fire Fusion™ – Enjoy 60 Mins. of continuous motion using your favorite  TaijiFit™ moves fused with Kung Fu strikes with the feet and hands.  Stir up your  life breath, life energy, life force we call Qi. Connect with your inner power.  Play as you explore the energy of passion & intensity.  Find the spark that puts your life’s  journey into authentic motion & new found purpose.  Ignite clear intention & direction to calmly stoke the embers in your center.  Burn with a glow that is bright with warmth & compassion.  Carrying in it’s core the gentle intensity & patience that life gravitates towards.  With calm confidence & inner strength rise with the whole damn fire in your heart and belly.  Eyes open.  Spirit free.

Dawn’s SATURDAY classes in the rotaion:

Sept 22, 2018

Oct. 20

Nov. 17

Dec. 15

Jan. 12, 2019

Feb. 9

Mar. 9

Dawn is SUBBING the following classes:

M Oct. 1 – 11AM TaijiFit Flow (Subbing for Lois)

M Nov. 12-11AM TaijiFit Flow (Subbing for Lois)

M Dec. 3 -11AM TaijiFit Flow (Subbing for Lois)