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TU/TH 6AM Free Morning TaijiFit Flow-To-Go w/DawnNader Online TU 8/27/19

Hey there! Looks like it is working. Here’s another flow-to-go! Play live you need a free Zoom account visit to set up your free account. Once your account is set up visit us at and click on the big green button in the middle of our home page! The button drops you into the zoom!

You can also play along w/me live via Facebook TaijiFit Community Connections Page-every flow will be live-streamed and available for replay on that page and my page Dawn Nader Certified TaijiFit Instructor! Head on over and give my page a like!

TU/TH Online 6AM Pacific Free Morning Flow TH 8/29/19

Hello friends-

Many of you would love more ways to flow with me throughout the week. I offer free morning flow each week online from the comfort of your home. It is Live-streamed from our TaijiFit Community Connections Page and it is share to my page-Dawn Nader Certified TaijiFit Instructor. Let’s see if this works. I know many of my participants don’t do Facebook. Maybe we can connect this way so you can replay the live-streams with out a Facebook account. Wish me luck! Click on the link and it should bring up my livestream from this morning.

Only 3 weeks left in our Summer calendar. Don’t miss out! Here’s what you need to know-

Good Morning Chicagoland TaijiFit Family-
Our Summer calendar is coming to an end on Friday 9/13. I am stunned that I am about to say the F word…FALL!  Already?  It was just May and schools were finally finished for the year! Don’t miss out-here is what you need to know heading into the remaining 3 weeks of our Summer calendar. 

VA Community Care Network (VA CCN) NEW Free Tai Chi for Veterans rolls out across the nation! I am excited to announce our 1st Region (East Coast) has gone live!  Illinois falls into Region 2 (Mid-West) and it looks like the counties that I will service will officially roll out Dec. 9th.Please help celebrate our Veterans-by spreading the word about this new VA funded wellness and mental health program to provide expanded services such as Free Tai Chi to our Veterans!  This is a new service offered by the Veterans Administration Community Care Network (VA CCN) of Service Providers managed by Optum Heath. Our Veterans requested Tai Chi and now it is here! This is a fully funded ongoing program. It is NOT a grant. TaijiFit International is the only company authorized to establish, certify and maintain the network of service providers for Tai Chi on behalf of Optum Health. 

Interested in becoming a service provider for Tai Chi? Find out more information & apply at

Veterans are encouraged to reach out to TaijiFit International to find out how you can get started NOW in Illinois.  Dawn is donating her time this fall to begin providing Tai Chi to Veterans This Fall! 

Beginning December 9, 2019, the Illinois Region will officially go live. At that time, the fee associated with this service will be paid by the VA by providing a referral number to your service provider of Tai Chi.  The service provider will take care of billing the VA. All our Veterans need to do is get the referral number from their VA Primary Care Provider.

TaijiFit International is helping Veterans get started even without a referral. We will assist Veterans in obtaining a referral number from their VA primary care provider and provide options regarding service providers of Tai Chi.   

Donated space is needed and ideas are welcomed.  Free Tai Chi for Veterans can be offered anywhere in your community, EXCEPT VA HOSPITALS.  Parks are wonderful places to begin. However, Illinois is about to get cold.  Reach out to Dawn if you can provide a point of contact to start a conversation about hosting our Veterans. 

Dawn is currently offering Free Tai Chi for Veterans at the following locations:

Service Dogs are welcome!  For your comfort, participation from a seated position is always welcomed.  Reach out to Dawn directly. 

TU/ TH 11:15AM-12PM Meetup Group is listed as Free Tai Chi for Veterans @ Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL . (Gather at the fountain in the center of this beautiful park.) RSVP required

M 6:30PM W 10:15AMLife Long Learning Classes @ Joliet Junior College-Romeoville Campus Romeoville, IL To Register please ask to speak with the Life Long Learning Program Coordinator-Brenda Large (815)-886-3000

Summer Schedule Reminders-

THIS WEEK!- Beginning M 8/26: 

Fry YMCA-Naperville, IL (95TH St & Book Rd)

M 10:25AM YES-8/26 

W 7:30PM   NO Classes Summer TBD Should be coming back for FALL Schedule! 

F 10:30AM  NO-8/30 (Yearly maintenance and deep cleaning of the center this week- Studio 1 is closed Friday.)

TU/TH Meetups-Ty Warner Park-Westmont,IL


10:05AM Walk & Talk- Departs from main parking lot-flagpole.

10:30AM Tai Chi 30Mins. Fountain-Center of the park

11:15AM Free Tai Chi for Veterans (Center Fountain)

Yes-TU 8/27 

Yes-TH 8/29 

Weather Dependent. 

W/F Meetups-Ty Warner Park-Westmont,IL

4PM Yang Style 24 Form /32 Sword Form  (Center Fountain) 

Yes-W 8/28 

Yes- F 8/30

Weather Dependent.

TH Private Meetup-Private Residence in Oakbrook, IL-

12:30PM TaijiFit Flow & Yang Style 24 Form

No Meetups- On Break until TH 9/12

Carillion Gated Community Clubhouse-Naperville (95th St. & 248th Ave.)

TU 3PM & F 11:45 – TaijiFit Flow/Tai Chi ACTIVE ADULTS (55+)



Joliet Junior College-Romeoville Campus-

M 6:30PM & W 10AM- TaijiFit Flow/Tai Chi ACTIVE ADULTS (55+) & Free Tai Chi for Veterans

No Classes- Fall Session Begins M 9/09.

TU/TH 6AM Pacific Online Free Morning Flow or Facebook Livestream available through our TaijiFit Community Connections Page!

TU 8/27- YES Instructor TBD 

TH 8/29- YES Instructor TBD 

Heads UP- NEXT WEEK-Beginning 9/02: Dawn is not available. All of her classes and meetups are cancelled all week. (TaijiFit Retreat @ Art of Living Retreat Center- Boone, NC )

Week Beginning 9/09:

M 9/9-Daytime classes and meetups are cancelled today. Joliet Junior College Fall Classes Begin 
TU 9/10-Normal Schedule Resumes / Last Week of Dawn’s Summer Calendar 

If questions arise, please reach out. Thank you for flowing through an amazing Summer with me.  

Dawn Nader

408-204-1229(text only)

Find out more. Visit my website:

Follow me on Facebook. Visit my page: Dawn Nader Certified TaijiFit Instructor

Calendar Reminders!

Hello TaijiFit Family-

Just a final reminder- I am training in Gold Beach, Oregon w/ Grand Master (Al Huang) Chungliang for the next 2weeks!
Many of our participants have been traveling and enjoying outdoor activities.  In an attempt to keep you informed please read and mark your calendars now so you can plan your time accordingly.
I look forward to flowing with you all and hope you are enjoying your adventures.
If you need assistance please reach out with your questions.
I will check email/text  each night before I go to bed while in Oregon.
If you text please let me know who you are.  Please no voicemail.
408-204-1229 texts only 
(As a matter of curtesy and respect my phone will be in my backpack and it will be off when I am training.)
Dawn Nader
Week of 7/29:
M, TU & W  Yes- Normal schedule for classes and meetups.
TH & F  No- All classes and meetups are cancelled.
*Dawn Travels- Gold Beach, Oregon 2 Week Training w/ Grand Master Al Huang
Week of 8/5:   No- All classes and meetups are cancelled all week.
Week of 8/12:  No- All classes and meetups are cancelled all week.
Week of 8/19
24/32 Form Meetup  Yes-W 8/24 ; No- F 8/26
TaijiFit Meetup  Yes-TU 8/23 ; Yes-TH 8/25
YMCA   No- M 8/19 ; Yes- F 8/23
Carillion Club  Yes- TU 8/20 ; No- F 8/26
Joliet Junior College- No Classes
Oakbrook Private Residence TaijiFit Meetup- No Classes
*Dawn Travels- F, SA, SU TaijiFit Get Weekend Workshop- Huchison, KS
Week of 8/26
24/32 Form Meetup  Yes-W 8/28 ; No- F 8/30
TaijiFit Meetup  Yes-TU 8/27 ; Yes-TH 8/29
YMCA   Yes- M 8/26 ; Yes- F 8/30
Carillion Club  Yes- TU 8/27 ; No- F 8/26
Joliet Junior College- No Classes
Oakbrook Private Residence TaijiFit Meetup- No Classes
*Dawn Travels- TaijiFit Freedom Power & Flow Workshop- Boone, NC
Week of 9/2: 
No- All classes and meetups are cancelled all week.
M 9/9:  No- Daytime classes and meetups are cancelled today.
              Yes-Joliet Junior College Fall Classes Begin
TU  9/10
Normal Schedule Resumes / Last Week of Dawn’s Summer Calendar

FLOW w/ Dawn Nader TaijiFit™ this Summer! Here’s what you need to know for Summer 2019!

Hello TaijiFit™ Family-It’s Summer in the Western Suburbs of Chicago! Here’s what you need to FLOW w/ Dawn Nader this Summer:

1st-Spring 2019 Calendar Ends
Last Week Begins M 6/10

2nd-Summer 2019 Calendar!
First Week Begins M 6/17
Last Week Begins M 9/09
8 Weeks of Meetups & Classes!

3rd-No Meetups & Classes on these dates!

*M 6/24 TU 6/25 *W 6/26 TH 6/27 F 6/28
M 7/01 TU 7/02 W 7/03 TH 7/04 F 7/05
*Only Joliet Junior College will meet

TH 8/01 F 8/02 M 8/05 TU 8/06 W 8/07 TH 8/08 F 8/09
M 8/12 TU 8/13 W 8/14 TH 8/15 F 8/16

M 9/02 TU 9/03 W 9/04 TH 9/05 F 9/06 M 9/09

4th-All ideas are welcomed! Looking for NEW venues starting Fall/Winter 2019 to host FREE TaijiFit Classes for our Veterans. If you already host TaijiFit™ that’s wonderful! Let’s add a class for our Veterans!

5th-Here’s where to find Dawn Nader this Summer in the Western Suburbs of Chicago! Take a look & tell a friend!

TaijiFit™ @ Fry YMCA (South Naperville-95th St / Book Rd.)
M 10:25 – 11:05 AM
F 10:30 – 11:15 AM
Summer Schedule Change-No TaijiFit™ Class W 7:30PM

NEW! TaijiFit™ @ Joliet Junior College- Romeoville Campus
M 6:30 – 7:30 PM
W 10:00 – 11:00 AM
TaijiFit™ Flow (LLC 5629) Lifelong Learning Class
Ways to register:
Online: Click on Register Today
Phone: 815-280-1294
Summer 1: June 3 – June 26
Summer 2: July 8 – July 31

Public TaijiFit™ Weekly Meetup Group-*Westmont, IL -Ty Warner Park / Clarendon Hills- Dawn’s Home Studio
Contact Dawn Nader directly to join us
TU / TH 10:00 – 11:00 AM
W 4:00 – 5:00 PM Yang Style 24 Form & 32 Sword Form
*Outside Meetups are weather dependent. Back up location is Dawn’s Home Studio

Private TaijiFit™ Weekly Meetup Group (Summer)-Private Residence, Lombard, IL
TH 12:30 – 1:30 PM

Private TaijiFit™ Classes-Carillon Club Adult Gated Community (Club House-South Naperville-95th St. /248th Ave. )
TU 3:00 – 3:45 PM
F 11:45 – 12:30 PM