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ELEVATE Tai Chi Summer Session 2020

Summer Session 2020
Begins M 06/15 Ends F 07/31
NO Classes/ Meetups: F 07/03 – SU 07/12

Welcome back! We are now offering OUTSIDE Movement Experiences to complement our LIVE ONLINE offerings.
Please adhere to safety protocols issued by the CDC.

Chicagoland Movement Experiences!

NEW! Morton Arboretum-Lisle, IL TaijiFit F.L.O.W. w/ Dawn Nader
W 9:30 AM CST July 29, Aug. 26, Sept. 23. Register w/ this link:

Meetups @ Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL   Donation $5/each OR $50 (Package)

TU / TH 9:30 AM CST TaijiFit-F.L.O.W.  Details: Meet at the FOUNTAIN IN THE CENTER OF THE PARK

TH 6AM CST 24 Form /32 Sword Form Yang Style  Details: Meet at the tennis courts. This experience is for participants that are familiar w/ the 24 Form / 32 Sword Form. This is not an instructional class. Participants should be able to run the full form following from behind w/ minimal cues.  

ONLINE Movement Experiences!

TaijiFit- F.L.O.W.

Yang Style Beijing 24 Form

Zoom Room ID# : 742-545-0316
FREE account set up needed. Visit
Once you have a you can use the Room ID or link to join in at the scheduled start time.

ONLINE Movement Experiences- Suggested Donation:
F.LO.W. ONLY $5 Each $50 Session Pass
24 Form ONLY $75 Session Pass
F.L.O.W. + 24 Form $125 Session Pass
Donations can be made with Square!

Thank you for supporting our movement experiences and our outreach initiative to provide FREE and reduced fee Tai Chi. There are additional options to support our movement experiences. Perhaps a trade of services is a better fit for you. A donation of time and love is a beautiful offering and supports our movement experiences as well. Reach out to me through email if you would like to make a donation of time. Here’s where help is needed:
Write a review of your experience & create/share social media posts.
Grant writing.
Creating video content for our You Tube Channel.
Create an offering to share your specialty that can be added to a session scheduled.
Weekend workshop planning & promotion.
Thank you for helping me pay it forward!

Together- YOU CAN elevate the condition of the human spirit one ahh— at a time! Together- YOU CAN F.L.O.W. – Feel love over worry.
Real. Simple. Easy to Follow Tai Chi.
It’s ME time in the middle of WE time!
Unplug the noise. Connect to NOW. #newmetaichi #elevatetaichi

Looking forward to flowing with you!

NEW! Morton Arboretum Lisle, IL TaijiFit F.L.O.W.

NEW! Morton Arboretum-Lisle, IL TaijiFit F.L.O.W. w/ Dawn Nader

W 9:30 AM CST

July 29, Aug. 26, Sept. 23.

Register w/ this link:

TaijiFit-Flow- Real. Simple. Easy to follow Tai Chi. Get out of your head and into your heart. Let go of tension. Enjoy a movement experience that feels good. Enjoy a moving meditation and centering practice that allows you to step-in and notice all the “feels” w/o duality. What you are feeling belongs…it all belongs. You are enough.
Let’s bathe in the trees. Feel the gentle breeze and follow the sunlight to a place where we feel love over worry- a wonderful place called NOW.
Here, there is nothing next.
Here, the only thing that matters is the breath I am taking.
Here, I find ease.
Here, I am free to allow my internal landscape to be just as beautiful as the external landscape…and so are YOU.
It would be a heartwarming expression of love to see my Chicagoland Community FLOWING w/ me- I hope to see you there!
Together- YOU CAN ELEVATE the human spirit one ahh— at a time! Together- YOU CAN F.L.O.W. – Feel love over worry.
It’s ME time in the middle of WE time! Unplug the noise. Connect to NOW. #newmetaichi #taijifitflow #mortonarboretum

It’s official-We now have a name!

It’s official- After YEARS of listening for that whisper from my heart to find it’s way to me…I am proud to announce we have a name! Welcome to ELEVATE TAI CHI. Our mission- To ELEVATE the condition of the human spirit…one ahh— at a time! In our movement experience we step in to that beautiful space called NOW. We set the intention for the time we share by acknowledging the three treasures of Tai Chi. SKY energy fill me. (Heaven Above) EARTH energy hold me. (Earth Below) And, the energy of HUMANITY open my heart. Connect to me. (Humanity is the conduit, the balancer, the connector between the two.). It is with great love and deepest gratitude to my husband, Mike Nader and teachers: Sifu David Chang-Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy San Jose, CA; Master Chungliang (Al Huang)-Living Tao Foundation and Master David-Dorian Ross-TaijiFit International that I now unveil our name and logo. Here’s to many years of lifting each other up, letting go of the tension that keeps our energy stagnant and ELEVATING the condition of the human spirit to greater ease through a living philosophy of Tai Chi…we have come to know as balance & harmony.
“May the words that I think, fall softly on my heart. May the words that I speak, fall softly on the hearts of others. And, May the love in my heart, always find a way, into the heart of another. “- Dawn Nader, Elevate Tai Chi

Living Tao Foundation Lang Ting Institute

UPDATE 06/06/2020-
Living Tao Foundation has announced the cancelation of the August-3 week seminar at the River House in Gold Beach, Oregon.  Plans for an online seminar are in the works.   With this in mind, Dawn will still take this time (the 1st 3 weeks in August) for continued education & personal growth.  Please mark your calendar and plan accordingly.  Thank you for your love and continued support of self care, continuing education and personal growth to continue to serve our communities to the best of my ability.  Time to return to the mindset of the beginner student is a precious gift. 

Continuing her education Dawn attends the Living Tao Foundation-Lan Ting Institute Winter, Spring & Summer Seminars.  She uses this time to explore the FLOW of QI (energy) in movement, Chinese Culture, Calligraphy & Literary Classics,  side by side with her teachers Master David-Dorian Ross and Grand Master Chungliang (Al) Huang.   As dates are announced please mark your calendar. Dawn will be attending these seminars each year.  University of Illinois- May (1 week over Memorial Day ) & The River House-Gold Beach, OR- February & August (3 weeks each).  Classes and meetups will not be held during those weeks)  

Teacher and Student Lifelong Learners Side By Side
Gold Beach, OR August 2019 “River House” LAN Ting Institute Summer Seminarians
Teacher and Student Side By Side-Lifelong Learning in Gold Beach, OR-August 2019 “River House” Lang Ting Institute Summer Seminarians Master David-Dorian Ross and his student Dawn Nader continue to deepen their foundation in Yang Style Tai Chi w/ Grand Master Chungliang (Al Huang) during the Living Tao Foundation’s 3 Week Lan Ting Institute Summer Seminarian Program.
Grandmaster Chungliang (Al Huang) saying goodbye and welcoming Dawn as a student. Calligraphy that Dawn is holding means (the process of) blooming
Saying Goodbye & thank you- As their time at the “River House” comes to a close-a new chapter begins. Master David-Dorian Ross and his student Dawn Nader say thank you as Dawn is invited to join her teacher as a student, under Grandmaster Chungliang (Al Huang)- Gold Beach, OR @ the Living Tao Foundation “River House” Lan Ting Institute Summer Seminarians August 2019

Carillion Club Active Adult Community

UPDATE 06/06/2020- The clubhouse remains closed. ALL classes remain canceled. No new information has been provided by Eileen. You are missed my friends. Our action plan has details to participate online. Our current online schedule will run as is through 06/12/2020. As more information is released by Eileen, I will keep you posted here. With the evolving circumstances, your support has been greatly appreciated. You can always reach me @ 408-204-1229 (text only) or When the clubhouse reopens you can look forward to the following weekly offerings:


Gather in the Clubhouse Group Fitness Room.

TU 3PM TaijiFit-Flow

F 12PM TaijiFit-Flow

Mark your calendar- NO Classes / Meetups

1 WEEK BREAK- SA 07/04/2020-SU 07/12/2020

3 WEEK BREAK- SA 08/01- SU 08/23

1 Week Break- SA 11/21-SU 11/29

2 Week Break- TH 12/24 -SU 1/10

Carillion Club- Naperville, IL

Meetup Group Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL –

UPDATE 06/06/2020-

Our action plan runs through 06/12/2020.

On 06/14/2020 our Summer Schedule will begin. The Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL Summer Park Meetups will be back!

TU / TH 9 AM Walk & Talk before class! Gather at the Flagpole in the main parking lot located on Plaza Dr./ Blackhawk Dr.

TU / TH 10 AM TaijiFit- FLOW at the FOUNTAIN IN THE CENTER OF THE PARK we begin our flow at 10:15 AM.

TH 9 AM Yang Style 24 Form / 32 Sword Form. (Participants should be familiar with the FULL FORM and be able to run the form in a group w/minimal cues. Time for Q&A is provided. )

Social distancing & health protocols should be followed for your continued safety.
Meetups are donation based. Suggested donation of $5.

Mark your calendar – NO Classes / Meetups

1 WEEK BREAK- SA 07/04 – SU 07/12

3 WEEK BREAK- SA 08/01- SU 08/23

You can always reach me @ 408-204-1229 (text only) or Please reach out if you wish to join our Meetup Group.

Fall 2020 Begins M 8/24 & Ends W 12/23

1 Week Break- SA 11/21-SU 11/29

2 Week Break- TH 12/24 -SU 1/10

TU/TH 10AM Meetup Ty Warner Park- Westmont, IL

Fry Family YMCA-Naperville, IL

UPDATE- 06/06/2020- ALL GroupEx classes at the Fry Family Y canceled and the center remains closed for group fitness classes. As new information is released, I will post it here.

You are dearly missed Fry Y Family! With the evolving circumstances more changes will be coming – your patience & understanding is greatly appreciated. Please review the action plan for details on how to participate online. You are invited to reach out if help is needed to transition to the online format. Our current online schedule runs through 06/12/2020.

Mark your calendar – NO Classes

1 WEEK BREAK SA 07/04 – SU 07/12

3 WEEK BREAK- SA 08/01- SU 08/23.

1 Week Break- SA 11/21-SU 11/29

2 Week Break- TH 12/24 -SU 1/10

Not sure if your class will be held? You can always reach me @ 408-204-1229 (text only) or Please let me know who you are.

Weekly Schedule-

TaijiFit-Flow w/ Dawn Nader @ Fry Family YMCA- Naperville, IL

(95thSt. & Book Rd. )

Studio 1

M 10:25AM TaijiFit-Flow

W 7:30PM TaijiFit-Flow

F 10:30AM TaijiFit-Flow

In this time of unprecedented change in the fitness industry, please stay safe out there. We continue to hold you in love and celebrate our Fry Family Y Community as well as their dedication to making healthy lifestyle choices. My heart is thankful for those who choose to come and play each week with an open heart and mind. We invite you to join us online for TaijiFit classes each week. You can find all the details in our action plan. Pictured below is just a few of our wonderful Fry Family Y TaijiFit-Flow Participants! Please continue to support your instructors and our beloved Fry Family Y. #supportyourcommunity #bettertogether #weareinthistogether

Come and FLOW with us in Studio 1 ! (FLOW- Follow Love Over Worry) All are welcome. Participate in this mindful exercise from a seated or standing position. The TaijiFit Method is a gentle way to exercise, a moving meditation, a sanctuary to heal & an ancient martial art. The goal in this movement experience is to improve the condition of the human body mind & spirit one exhale at a time. It is about noticing & reducing tension in the body-not creating more. Bring the body you have today and play. If you are breathing and smiling you know you are doing it right for you!

It is a pleasure to introduce Tai Chi to our YMCA Metro Chicago communities. It is a gift to observe participants discover ease in movement and find their own ahh—. TaijiFit Flow w/ Dawn Nader- Real. Simple. Easy to Follow Tai Chi. Unplug the noise. Connect to NOW.

#FryY #FryFamilyYMCA #MetroChicagoYMCA #TaijiFit #Flow #FeedYourHeart #FindYourAhh– #UnplugTheNoiseConnectToNOW #PowerFreedomFlow #FreeYourQi #FLOW-FeelLoveOverWorry #JourneyOutOfYourHead&IntoYourHeart

Joliet Junior College-

UPDATE- 06/06/2020 I have received notification from Brenda Large-Lifelong Learning Coordinator for Joliet Junior College System.
At this time the Joliet Junior College-Main & North Campuses are closed with online learning available. TaijiFit™ Flow classes are on hold and will not be offered online through JJC for Summer 2020.

2020- Life Long Learning Catalog 
TaijiFit™ Flow (LLC 5629) 
Instructor-Dawn Nader

Offered in 4 week sessions! Register for multiple 4 week sessions.

Register online www://
Register by phone (815) 280-1555
For Veteran enrollment information contact Brenda Large (815)280-1504 or *JJC will keep registration open until a section fills to capacity. 1 week before the start date JJC will confirm or cancel due to low enrollment.

*Due to cost recovery guidelines set by JJC a minimum of 5 paying participants in a section will be needed to keep the section from being cancelled. Rest assured, if you have registered for a section that does not meet the cost recovery guidelines you will be contacted by JJC and given options for a alternate sections or receive a refund. 
Once 5 paying participants have registered for a section of TaijiFit Flow it will be available for FREE to veterans who provide a V.A.C.C.N. referral. Beginning January 22 (Will, Dupage & Cook Counties) you can begin the referral process through your VA primary care provider. Have questions about referrals or the newly expanded VA CCN complimentary care benefits and the VA CCN Community Care Network of Tai Chi Service Providers please reach out to David-Dorian Ross is the National Coordinator for Tai Chi for Veterans and is committed to helping Veterans gain access to Tai Chi. Please reach out. When you have a referral number contact Brenda Large at (815) 280-1504 or for veteran enrollment information.

Joliet Junior College Main Campus-Joliet, IL
Joliet Junior College North Campus- Romeoville, IL
Joliet Junior College North Campus- Romeoville, IL

VA CCN Tai Chi 4 Vets

5 Things To Know-NEW VA CCN Tai Chi 4 Vets

VA CCN Tai Chi for Veterans is a new Federal program in the Veterans Administration Community Care Network for Complimentary/Integrative Services. The VA CCN Tai Chi for Veterans Program is offered outside of a VA Hospital, VA Clinic or any VA Federal Facility. It brings Tai Chi directly into our local communities and makes Tai Chi more accessible to Veterans.

1. VA Goal- In an effort to decrease drug dependency, VA is actively exploring alternative forms of therapy to help Veterans ease pain and trauma. Tai Chi, a moving meditation, focuses on breathing and mindfulness techniques paired with light physical motions. In addition to improved physical health, Tai Chi may prove beneficial in the management of opioid dependence & reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). – VA Vantage Point-Alternative therapy: Veterans find relief through tai chi- May 22, 2018

2. The Mission Act- New legislation that expands benefits under the VA Complimentary / Integrative Health Services to include Tai Chi. Veterans can now find relief outside of the VA Hospitals, VA Clinics & VA Federal Facilities through alternative therapies such as the Tai Chi.

3. The Veterans Administration Community Care Network or VA CCN- Brings together the health care services of the Veterans Health Administration and supplements them with the network of community health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers to provide timely access to high-quality health care. This is a fully funded, ongoing program through the VA-it is not a grant. Funding for the VA CCN is separate. For this reason, the VA CCN Tai Chi for Veterans Program is only offered outside of a VA Hospital, VA Clinic or any VA Federal Facility. General questions about the CCN can be directed to

4. Third Party Administrators TPAs- Optum, part of UnitedHealth Group®, is honored to partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs through VA’s new Community Care Network. Together, we will ensure that our nation’s Veterans have access to the right care, at the right time and in the right setting. Optum was named as the TPA for the VA Community Care Network for Regions 1, 2 and 3 on December 28, 2018, encompassing 36 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Optum delivers unique services to the VA to accomplish its goal of delivering the highest quality of care to the Veterans they serve. TaijiFit, LLC (TaijiFit) has been contracted by Optum, to establish and manage the Tai Chi network of service providers in your region on behalf of Optum. TaijiFit is the only provider of Tai Chi approved and funded by the VA to administer services to our Veterans in the VA CCN. David-Dorian Ross is the National Coordinator of Tai Chi for Veterans and CEO of TaijiFit, LLC. To verify TaijiFit is the sole network manager, please call Optum at 800-873-4575. Proceed to bypass the automated questions to speak directly with a representative.

5. How to take advantage of this new benefit from the VA Community Care network- You need to be enrolled in VA health care to use community care benefits. VA Health Care eligible Veterans can use VA health care services nationwide, including through mobile health clinics that serve rural areas and via telehealth (care through a phone or computer). Not enrolled in VA health care yet? Apply online, by mail, or in person. Enroll in VA health care. Find a VA medical center or approved non-VA medical (called “community care”) providers near you. Find a VA location near you.

When can you use non-VA providers? It depends on the situation. Learn about the eligibility criteria for expanded community care, under the MISSION Act. Learn about community care eligibility For general MISSION Act health care inquiries, contact VA311 (1-844-698-2311).

How can you get a referral? The VA determines VA CCN benefit eligibility not Optum or TaijiFit. Step #1: Ask your VA healthcare provider (Primary Care or Therapist) for a referral.

When can you get a referral? The VA CCN Tai Chi For Veterans Program is rolling out by region and then county by county in phases. Illinois is Region 2- Phase 3 “go live” is Jan. 22, 2020 and includes counties such as Cook, DuPage, Will, Kane, Kankakee.

What does “go live” mean? When your county reaches the “go live” date Veterans in that county can obtain a referral number from their Primary Care Doctor or Therapist through the VA. When you have a referral you can sign up for services in the network. Locate and sign up for Tai Chi services at

How much does it cost? Tai Chi is now included in your newly expanded VA CCN Complimentary/Integrative Care Benefits. Veterans present their referral to the VA CCN Approved Tai Chi For Veterans Service Provider/Certified Instructor. The VA CCN Approved Service Provider/Certified Instructor uses the referral to invoice Optum for the Tai Chi services provided to the Veteran. The VA provides the funds for reimbursement for services provided. A Veteran will receive Tai Chi Services at no cost to them when they present a referral from the VA to the VA CCN Approved Tai Chi Service Provider/Certified Instructor.

My VA Primary Healthcare Provider does not know about this program, what can I do to get help? VA Hospitals, VA Clinics & VA Facilities are beginning to receive education on the VA CCN Tai Chi for Veterans Program. However, if a facility does not know about this NEW program contact TaijiFit TaijiFit is committed to superior service and care for our Veterans. It is our pleasure to assist you in the referral process.

How can local communities help? Venues in your community can help our efforts by donating space to host our Veterans. Do you have a space that can hold a max of 30 participants? Is that space available for a minimum of 1 hour & 1 time per month? You can help us bring Tai Chi directly into the local communities/counties where your Veterans live. Approved VA CCN Tai Chi Service Providers/ Certified Instructors are Independently Contracted and carry their own Instructor Liability Insurance. That means they have the freedom to travel directly to your community to offer services for our Veterans. Non Veterans are allowed to attend these classes, however Veterans have priority access. Suggestions include: Libraries, Community Centers, Hospitals, University and Community College Veterans Services Centers, VFW Halls, VSOs, Wounded Warriors Organizations and many more!

About your instructor-Dawn Nader is Certified TaijiFit Instructor, Approved VACCN Service Provider and Certified Tai Chi For Veterans Instructor. Dawn is an Independently Contracted Service Provider of Tai Chi for the suburbs of Chicago, IL. You can find Dawn at Joliet Junior College North Campus in Romeoville, IL & Joliet Junior College Main Campus in Joliet, IL beginning in Jan. 2020. Joliet Junior College is now a host venue for the VA CCN Tai Chi for Veterans Program and provides access to Tai Chi Services alongside their Life Long Learning Active Older Adult Participants. Please contact Dawn directly to find out more information about attending or hosting the Tai Chi for Veterans Program. Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with your questions: or .

Helpful Links-

TH 6AM Online FREE TaijiFit F.L.O.W.-To-Go

Play live online from the comfort of your home. A portal is available on the home page. You need a free Zoom account – visit to set up your free account. Once your account is set up visit us at and click on the big green button in the middle of our home page! The button is a portal that drops you into the TaijiFit International Zoom Room!

You can also play along w/me live via Facebook Livestream on our TaijiFit International Community Connections Page-every flow will be live-streamed and available for replay. I will share the replay on my FB page: Elevate Tai Chi formerly known as (Dawn Nader Certified TaijiFit Instructor). I invite you to pay it forward by visiting my page- follow me by giving our page a like. Feel free to write a review to help introduce me to our new friends that are wondering who I am.