Metro Chicago YMCAs

You can now find Dawn Nader facilitating the TaijiFit experience for Metro Chicago YMCA’s!

Fry Family Y (95th Street/ Book Rd. -Naperville, IL) Studio 1

M 10:25-11:05AM  TaijiFit Flow

F 10:30-11:15AM TaijiFit Flow

If this will be your first time participating, welcome.

TaijiFit is a wonderful way to introduce you to Tai Chi & Qigong.

For those of you with previous experience in Tai Chi, this experience will transform and deepen your personal practice. Enjoy.

In TaijiFit Flow – I will be facing you throughout most of this movement experience.  I am connected to you.  You are my reflection in a mirror or my shadow.  Do what you see.  There is nothing to memorize or “get right”.  Instructors use the TaijiFit 5 Part Cueing Method developed by David-Dorian Ross to enduce, restore and deepen the FLOW state.  This cueing method is specifically design to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a state of flow. Feel the movements and forget about how they look.  We encourage participants to let go of tension (physical, emotional, mental). Participants experience the flow of Taiji (Tai-Chi) wether this is your 1st or 100th time.  In this experience bring the body you have today and play.  Keep moving.  Keep breathing. Keep Smiling.  Let your breathe lead you to your own “ah—”.  As you let go of tension, the body organically improves balance, muscle strength, circulation, stamina, coordination, functional range of motion & boosts the immune system.  This is a safe space where all are welcome to come and explore movement and reconnect body, mind and spirit.

Beginning Fundamentals are introduced to you in this Flow Experience as we explore combinations from the most popular Tai Chi form in the World-Beijing 24 Movement Simplified Yang Style Form!  Participants are invited to join me as I warm up 15mins. before the start of class with a run through of the Beijing 24 Form.  Feel free to follow along or watch.  Please note, this is a silent warm up open to participants will run through the entire form, start to finish- no instruction will be given.  If you are interested in learning this form, please let me know.

Looking forward to flowing with you!

Do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance-

Thank you for the opportunity to grow as I share Tai Chi with you.  I am surrounded in love-what an incredible gift that is!


Dawn Nader