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CMAT 27 2019

Dawn makes her debut performance @ CMAT 27 2019 – California Martial Arts Tournament-Berkeley, CA- March 2019 Teacher, Master David-Dorian Ross and student, Dawn Nader take a moment to celebrate a personal goal achieved- “I won as soon as I stepped onto the mat with 3 very important people by my side and in my heart- teacher, Master David-Dorian Ross; husband, Mike Nader and my teacher who was there to welcome me as I took my 1st steps in this journey, Sifu David Chang of Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy-San Jose, CA. Sifu, although you were not able to attend in person, please know that to this day your love remains in my heart and keeps me moving forward toward new discoveries. This day marked the culmination of 15 years of personal growth that began with your encouragement. I am here today only because of the generosity & love of ALL of my teachers, training partners, family & community. With deepest gratitude and respect, I thank you.”

TU/TH 6AM Free Morning TaijiFit Flow-To-Go w/DawnNader Online TU 8/27/19

Hey there! Looks like it is working. Here’s another flow-to-go! Play live you need a free Zoom account visit to set up your free account. Once your account is set up visit us at and click on the big green button in the middle of our home page! The button drops you into the zoom! You can also play along w/me live via Facebook TaijiFit Community Connections Page-every flow will be live-streamed and available for replay on that page and my page Dawn Nader Certified TaijiFit Instructor! Head on over and give my page a like!

TU/TH Online 6AM Pacific Free Morning Flow TH 8/29/19

Hello friends- Many of you would love more ways to flow with me throughout the week. I offer free morning flow each week online from the comfort of your home. It is Live-streamed from our TaijiFit Community Connections Page and it is share to my page-Dawn Nader Certified TaijiFit Instructor. Let’s see if this works. I know many of my participants don’t do Facebook. Maybe we can connect this way so you can replay the live-streams with out a Facebook account. Wish me luck! Click on the link and it should bring up my livestream from this morning.

FLOW w/ Dawn Nader TaijiFit™ this Summer! Here’s what you need to know for Summer 2019!

Hello TaijiFit™ Family-It’s Summer in the Western Suburbs of Chicago! Here’s what you need to FLOW w/ Dawn Nader this Summer: 1st-Spring 2019 Calendar Ends Last Week Begins M 6/10 2nd-Summer 2019 Calendar! First Week Begins M 6/17 Last Week Begins M 9/09 8 Weeks of Meetups & Classes! 3rd-No Meetups & Classes on these dates! *M 6/24 TU 6/25 *W 6/26 TH 6/27 F 6/28 M 7/01 TU 7/02 W 7/03 TH 7/04 F 7/05 *Only Joliet Junior College will meet TH 8/01 F 8/02 M 8/05 TU 8/06 W 8/07 TH 8/08 F 8/09 M 8/12 TU 8/13 W 8/14 TH 8/15 F 8/16 M 9/02 TU 9/03 W 9/04 TH 9/05 F 9/06 M 9/09 4th-All ideas are welcomed! Looking for NEW venues starting Fall/Winter 2019 to host FREE TaijiFit Classes for our Veterans. If you already host TaijiFit™ that’s wonderful! Let’s add a class for our Veterans! 5th-Here’s where to find Dawn Nader this Summer in the Western Suburbs of Chicago! Take a look & tell a friend! TaijiFit™ @ Fry YMCA …

Personal Power

Good Morning- I woke up and found this essay waiting for me. Just a gentle reminder from the universe to keep going! 🤩Shine bright!  Stand in the moment with the ability to be fully present. Own the emotions. Own the space. Own the moment.  With clarity of heart and mind let your energy flow…let that inner smile shine through. Personal Power BY MADISYN TAYLOR Power is not about exerting our will over others, it is about being in complete truth with yourself. Many of us do not understand what personal power means. We have been given the false notion that power is bad–that it is something we use to exert our will upon others. In fact, when our personal power is intact, we are neither overbearing nor meek. We have a clear sense of our strength and the impact we can have on others. This actually enables us to be more sensitive. Personal power is what permits us to work on behalf of our dreams and desires. It allows us to realize that we are …

Groundhog, Polar Vortex & Winter Updates…Oh my!

Hello TaijiFit Community in Chicagoland- If the weather had you looking for your ruby red slippers while chanting -there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…you were not alone-especially this week! With the cancellation of classes this week, let me just begin by saying thank you for going with the flow. Your patience and understanding has been appreciated as Mother Nature does the temperature tango. It is time to toss this lady a rose and get her a new partner to dance with. I heard a groundhog would like the next dance. Yes. Today is Feb. 2nd. Can you believe it? Today is Groundhog’s Day and Phil did not see his shadow! Perhaps Phil could set his gaze upon this chilly lady-take her for a lovely spin around the dance floor and warm things up-waltz right into an early Spring this year! Quick Reminders- We are currently in the middle of our Winter Calendar . Spring Calendar will be released the last week in February. Spring Calendar-Week 1 Begins M …

Peace starts within us – we cannot bring to the world what we do not have to offer.

The essay that follows found its way to me this week and I have found a moment today to read, reflect and practice- just the perfect whisper that the peace I desire in my daily interactions begins from within me. To my husband Mike, my boys and to all who share part of their week with me to experience movement through Tai Chi. Deepest gratitude to you for this time to learn and grow with my teacher and his loving family. I am ready to move my body and fall in love with the moment. From the moment I step out of my house today, I step out of my comfort zone and begin to play with energy inside and all around me. So many opportunities to neutralize the internal and external story that plays in my mind while staying present in the moment. With my why/goal-to receive the love of others and feel the presence of balance and harmony in the moment. My teacher will nurture my ability to change my center, to change …