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Fall 2019-TaijiFit™ FLOW with Dawn Nader. Mark your calendar NOW!

Good Morning Chicagoland TaijiFit Family- The Fall 2019 Calendar & Schedule starts this week! Here’s everything you need to FLOW with Dawn Nader. Mark your calendar NOW! Fall 2019 Calendar Week 1- Begins M 9/16. (Joliet Junior College JJC Fall 2019 Session 1-wk 2) Week 2- Begins M 9/23 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 1-wk 3) Week 3- Begins M 9/30 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 1-wk 4) Week 4- Begins M 10/07 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 2-wk 1) *Week 5- Begins M 10/14 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 2-wk 2) No M 6:30PM Evening Class at JJC on M 10/14 & No Classes/Meetups on TU 10/15. Week 6- Begins M 10/21 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 2-wk 3) Week 7- Begins M 10/28 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 2-wk 4) Halloween TH 10/31 Week 8- Begins M 11/04 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 3-wk 1) *Week 9- Begins M 11/11 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 3-wk 2) Veterans Day M Nov. 11 (JJC Closed-No M 6:30PM Class) Week 10- Begins M 11/18 (JJC Fall 2019 Session 3-wk 3) *Week 11- Begins M …

NEW! Coming Soon to Joliet Junior College-Main Campus Winter/Spring 2020- TaijiFit Flow and Free Tai Chi 4 Veterans VACCN Expanded Complimentary Care Program

Joliet Junior College System will offer TaijiFit Flow and our Free Tai Chi 4 Veterans VACCN Expanded Complimentary Care Program at their Main Campus for Winter/Spring 2020. FREE Tai Chi 4 Veterans is a VA backed, fully funded, ongoing program. Your Community Care Network now includes service providers for Tai Chi! Please help me a spread the word. Get your referral in Illinois starting December 9 for Will County and DuPage County! M 6:30PM North Campus- Romeoville, IL W 10AM North Campus- Romeoville, IL NEW W 5:00PM Main Campus – Joliet, IL (Begins Winter/Spring 2020) $49 per Session Winter/Spring 2020- Session 1: Jan. 15-Feb. 5 Winter/Spring 2020- Session 2: Feb. 26-March 18 Winter/Spring 2020- Session 3: March 25-April 15 Winter/Spring 2020- Session 4: April 22-May 13 (Veterans attend for FREE w/ a referral from their Primary Care Physician at the VA. Veterans must contact Brenda Large to enroll in this class. Brenda will be asking for your referral number. Please bring the original referral with you to the 1st class and present it to Dawn. …

Celebrating our Fry Family YMCA AOA Community & healthy lifestyle choices that create inner power, freedom and flow!

Oct. 1, 2019 Did you know—it’s Active Older Adult Day? We are celebrating our YMCA AOA Community & healthy lifestyle choices that create inner power, freedom and flow. My heart is thankful for those who choose to come and play each week with an open heart and mind. Pictured above is just a few of our wonderful Fry Family YMCA TaijiFit Participants! Come and FLOW with us in Studio 1 ! (FLOW- Follow Love Over Worry) All are welcome. Participate in this mindful exercise from a seated or standing position. TaijiFit is a gentle way to exercise, a moving meditation, a sanctuary to heal & an ancient martial art. The goal in this movement experience is to improve the condition of the human body mind & spirit one exhale at a time. It is about noticing & reducing tension in the body-not creating more. Bring the body you have today and play. If you are breathing and smiling you know you are doing it right for you! It is a pleasure to introduce AOA Tai …

Saying Goodbye & Thank You-

Saying Goodbye & thank you- As their time at the “River House” comes to a close-a new chapter begins. Master David-Dorian Ross and his student Dawn Nader say thank you as Dawn is invited to join her teacher as a student, under Grandmaster Chungliang (Al Huang)- Gold Beach, OR @ the Living Tao Foundation “River House” Lan Ting Institute Summer Seminarians August 2019

CMAT 2019

Dawn makes her debut performance @ CMAT 2019 – California Martial Arts Tournament-Berkeley, CA- March 2019 Teacher, Master David-Dorian Ross and student, Dawn Nader take a moment to celebrate a personal goal achieved- “I won as soon as I stepped onto the mat with 3 very important people by my side and in my heart- teacher, Master David-Dorian Ross; husband, Mike Nader and my teacher who was there to welcome me as I took my 1st steps in this journey, Sifu David Chang of Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy-San Jose, CA. Sifu, although you were not able to attend in person, please know that to this day your love remains in my heart and keeps me moving forward toward new discoveries. This day marked the culmination of 15 years of personal growth that began with your encouragement. I am here today only because of the generosity & love of ALL of my teachers, training partners, family & community. With deepest gratitude and respect, I thank you.”