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Fall 2017 Session Calendar Reminders

10/24/2017 Good morning. It’s a rainy, slow Fall morning. A perfect opportunity to look ahead for a moment to pass along a few important reminders. Please take a moment to put the following information on your calendar: Home Studio- M 10/23/17-Week #7 Begins F 11/17/17-Fall 2017 Session Ends M 11/20-Closed 2 Weeks Thanksgiving Break M 12/4-Winter Session 2017 Begins M 12/25-Closed 2 Week Christmas & New Years Break M 1/8-All Classes Resume F 2/23-Winter Session 2017 Ends On-line Studio TaijiFit- I am not available to lead class on the dates listed below. Please connect with the TaijiFit Community Page on Facebook for daily schedule updates. TU 10/31, TU 11/21, SA 11/25, TU 11/28 TU 12/26, SA 12/30, TU 1/2 Humana Neighborhood Location-Lombard No TaijiFit Classes M 11/20, TU 11/21, M 11/27 TU 12/26, TH 12/28, F 12/29, TU 1/2, TH 1/4, F 1/5 Humana Closed TH 11/23, F 11/24, M 12/25, M 1/1 I want to thank you in advance for your support as I use this beautiful gift of time to focus on family, …

Enjoy Qigong & Tai-Chi /Taiji from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room-no matter where you live!

Are you interested in gentle Qigong & Tai Chi / Taiji for health? My name is Dawn Nader. I  live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. You can enjoy Qigong & Tai-Chi /Taiji from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room-no matter where you live! Join me each week in my online studio for private & group classes- Learn the most popular traditional forms in the world -24 Simplified Movement Yang Style Form & 32 Simplified Movement Yang Style Straight Sword Form. Or,  experience a gentle group fitness class using a new teaching method called TaijiFit-TaijiFit allows you to experience Qigong & Tai Chi/ Taiji without the stress of having to learn memorize or practice. Enjoy 45 minutes of continuous movement in this group fitness class using easy to follow, mirror image movement suitable for small spaces. Let go of tension & connect to your breath as you gently strengthen the core; improve balance/ stability; increase range of motion & circulation. I teach on line using my computer & internet connection. I use …

Are you interested in starting TaijiFit classes?

Are you interested in starting TaijiFit classes? Let’s talk- What’s does your own schedule look like?When are you available to attend classes? What type of experience are you looking for? Maybe you work & or travel for work? Maybe you live in a different state or country? Maybe you desire a private class for yourself or  a group of people where you work? Maybe you want to learn the most popular Taiji/Tai-Chi Form in the World? Maybe you are looking for a great group fitness workout or a gentle way to move the body, breathe & let go of tension? My teaching schedule is flexible and I will open new time slots to accommodate the needs of students. There are many ways to get you started on your own journey to ahhh. I look forward to speaking  with you soon. Reach out anytime- dnader01@mac .com 408-204-1229  

Fall Session 2017 Begins M 9/11!

Blink. It’s the end of August. What a fun Summer it has been! Just a few reminders- 1st- Home Studio Summer Session 2017 comes to a close today- Friday 8/25. Remember your 10 Week Class Pass expires today-unused classes will not roll over. No refunds. Humana-Lombard, IL Silver Sneakers FLEX.  YES, TaijiFit classes will meet on Monday 8/28 9AM & Tuesday 8/29 1PM & 2PM. No TaijiFit classes at this location on TH 8/31, F 9/1 & The Week of 9/4. Fire Fusion On-line Studio TaijiFit TU 3PM PT/ 5PM Central Class will have a sub 8/29 Rick & 9/5 Afsi. On 9/12 I’ll be back & will lead class. All Classes Resume M 9/11. Don’t forget!  No class for Humana & Home Studio on M 9/18. 2nd-Our Home Studio Fall Session 2017 kicks off on Monday 9/11 ! Pay As You Go-$5 per Class (cash only) OR Take advantage of our Pre-Pay pricing. 10 Weeks of classes for the price of 8 Weeks! 10 Week Class Pass-Available to purchase last week of the session …

Mark your calendars! NO TAIJIFIT CLASS-New dates listed for Humana & Home Studio

Mark your calendars- Labor Day  is approaching quickly -which means it is time for me to travel to Santa Barbara for the TaijiFit  Immersion w/ a stop in Arizona to be with my mom & dad. Home Studio Important Dates- Summer Session Ends F Aug. 25th 2 Week Break-week of M Aug. 29th & Sept. 4th Fall Session Begins M Sept. 11th Studio closed M Sept. 18th   No TaijiFit classes at Humana on these dates: TH Aug. 31st & F Sept.1st M Sept. 4th through F Sept. 8th M Sept. 11th -All Classes Resume M Sept. 18th-No Classes at Humana (Sunday Wedding in NY / Monday) TU September 19th- All Classes Resume Here’s to a wonderful finish to the month of August  &  Summer Session of classes.  Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Please be safe and I’ll look forward to seeing you in class on M September 11th. Sincerely, Dawn Nader  

Welcome Back! NEW changes to our class schedule…take a look.

Welcome back! I hope your break was relaxing and filled with love. 3 new changes are now active in our weekly class schedule: 1st- MWF 7PM TaijiFit @ Ty Warner Park has been removed from the schedule. Please join us TU 10AM meet @ the Flagpole 45 mins. walking & 15 mins. TaijiFit. 2nd- MF 4PM TaijiFit Fire Fusion Circuit will only be offered on M 4PM-if you are interested in this class but want different days/times or additional days/times please let me know. 3rd- Our new classes at Humana Neighborhood Location-Lombard, IL have begun however we did make a few changes to the new offerings to ensure participation remains high.  I have included an updated schedule for this location. This schedule is active as of Monday, July 17th. participant numbers are important- classes with low attendance will be removed new classes are active now but will not appear on the Humana calendar until September & class names may be altered on the Humana calendar. TaijiFit™ at this location is part of the Silver Sneakers …

TaijiFit is going on a 2 week break soon-Be sure to get to all your TaijiFit classes next week !

Heads up Humana Lombard Silver Sneakers & Dawn Nader Home Studio TaijiFit Participants there’s one more week to get in your TaijiFit classes before our 2 week TaijiFit break – There will be no TaijiFit during the weeks of July 3rd & 11th! All  TaijiFit classes resume Monday July 17th. Don’t forget our NEW Classes at Humana, Lombard begin July 17! M 9AM & F 10AM Silver Sneakers TaijiFit Humana, Lombard NEW 1PM Silver Sneakers TaijiFit Humana, Lombard- NEW Now offered 5 days a week NEW 2PM Silver Sneakers TaijiFit 24 Humana, Lombard- NEW Now offered 5 days a week M & F 4PM TaijiFit Strength & Stretch-Home Studio. TU 10AM TaijiFit Walking Group-Ty Warner Park, Westmont -Meet at Flagpole pearking lot. W 4PM TaijiFit 24-Home Studio TH 10AM TaijiFit-Home Studio MWF 7PM TaijiFit Ty Warner Park, Westmont-Meet at fountain in the center of park. NOTE-Classes the Dawn Nader Home Studio & Ty Warner Park are open to the public. $5 per class/participant. Summer Session Class Pass discounts available. Contact Dawn Nader directly to attend- …

Summer TaijiFit returns to Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL!

Join me this evening for 45mins of TaijiFit! We meet at the fountain in the center of Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL every Monday Wednesday & Friday evening at 7PM! Can’t make it to the 7PM- join me Tuesdays at 10AM for 45mins of walking and 15mins. Of TaijiFit!  (Each class is $5 per/ person -cash only). It’s a gentle way to exercise, a peaceful moving meditation and a wonderful community of friendship & support. Hope to see you there. 1 block North of Ogden Ave. btwn. Blackhawk & Cass Ave. Monday June 5th through Friday Aug. 26th. Mark your calendars-2 week break the week of July 4th & the following week. Find out more-visit