Carilion Club-55+Active Adult Community

TaijiFit  is a wonderful  compliment to an existing activity calendar & group fitness schedule.  

Dawn Nader has been independently contracted to facilitate TaijiFit for the Carilion Club-55+Active Adult Community Naperville-95th St and 248th Ave. 

A demo class was offered TUESDAY, November 13th at 2PM.

The community response was incredible!

I am thrilled to announce our new weekly time classes.

Each participant agrees to contribute $4 per class to defray the costs associated with bringing Tai Chi to this community.

TU 2PM TaijiFit 24 Form

TU 3PM TaijiFit Flow

F 11:45AM TaijiFit Flow

Private instruction in the 24 Movement Simplified Yang Style Form available upon request.

No classes the Friday after Thanksgiving-Clubhouse is closed.

No classes the weeks of Christmas and New Years.

Are you interested in bringing Tai Chi to your community activity calendar? 

Do you have a questions?  Do you want to introduce your community to Tai Chi? Please reach out.  It is a pleasure to assist.

Contact Dawn Nader directly for current availability:

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