About- Your Instructor, Dawn Nader

About Your Instructor- Dawn Nader, Clarendon Hills, IL

Based in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Dawn Nader is a Certified TaijiFit Instructor with over 500 hours of training and facilitating TaijiFit™.  April 2019 marks 15 years experience as a student and instructor through TaijiFit™ and Wushu- specializing in straight sword and Yang Style Tai Chi.  Dawn is a proponent of mindful movement for health. She brings a  TaijiFit™ Basic Instructor Certification, TaijiFit™ 200 Hour Instructor Certification, Certification to lead TaijiFit™ for Tivity-Silver Sneakers FLEX Program TaijiFit™ and Metro Chicago YMCAs. She is fully licensed and insured to facilitate one to one as well as small or large group movement experiences using TaijiFit™ at traditional fitness venues and non-traditional fitness venues. 

Dawn’s love for Tai-Chi began in 2004, as a student at Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy in San Jose, CA. Under the instruction of  Sifu David Chang, her training as a student and instructor provided incredible opportunities to transform her health and life.  She explains, “For me, Wushu Central was a personal sanctuary to reconnect myself (body, mind & spirit).  Along the way I reconnected to my smile & rediscovered what I CAN DO with perseverance & encouragement from a community rich in love.” Her dedication to life long learning has earned her a 5th duan black belt in Wushu. Her personal journey toward wellness & maintaining an active lifestyle through the Chinese Martial Arts provides a unique prospective on movement & it’s role in improving the condition of the human spirit.

Currently, Dawn is dedicated to building upon this foundation as she focuses her efforts on Yang Style Tai Chi w/ David-Dorian Ross as his indoor student.  She volunteers to mentor participants in the TaijiFit Basic Instructor Certification Program.  And, gives back to this growing TaijiFit™Community through service on the Senior Instructor Leadership Team for TaijiFit™ International.  You can find Dawn in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. She facilitates meetups & group movement experiences using a method called TaijiFit™. Additionally, she provides instruction for the most popular Tai Chi form in the world- the 24 Movement Simplified Yang Style Form (Beijing Short Form) & it’s companion form-the 32 Movement Simplified Yang Style Sword Form (Beijing Sword Form) .

Dawn Nader is Certified, Licensed & Insured to provide Tai Chi services using the TaijiFit Method. She is a Certified Tai Chi 4 Veterans Instructor and is an approved VA CCN Service Provided for Tai Chi. Dawn is a proponent of mindful movement to improve the condition of the human spirit. The TaijiFit Method plays an important role in creating a safe, stress free experience that makes Tai Chi enjoyable and accessible to all. It’s all about FLOW-Feel Love Over Worry! Dawn is an independently contracted provider of Tai Chi Services. Reach out directly- dnader01@mac.com

Dawn’s list of previous and current clients include-

  • Morton Arboretum- Lisle, IL
  • Joliet Junior College North & Main Campus-Life Long Learning Program
  • American Association of University Women-Naperville, IL Chapter
  • Carilion Club 55+ Active Adult Community-Naperville, IL
  • Metropolitan Chicago YMCAs- Naperville, IL (Kroehler Family Y & Fry Family Y)
  • Tivity Silver Sneakers FLEX Program 
  • HUMANA Guidance Centers- Lombard, IL & Naperville, IL
  • Acacia Academy Private Day School for Special Needs, Elementary/ Middle School Physical Education Facilitator-La Grange Highlands, IL
  • TaijiFit™International- David-Dorian Ross (Founder/CEO) Volunteer / Senior Instructor / Leadership Team: Studio TaijiFit™- Online LIVE TaijiFit™ and On-Demand Recorded Classes; TaijiFit™ Academy; TaijiFit™Immersions / Retreats / Workshops; TaijiFit™ Basic Instructor Mentoring & Certification Program; TaijiFit™ Continuing Education Workshops for Fitness & Health Industry Professionals  (ACE  Certified)
  • Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy-San Jose, CA Senior Instructor / Leadership Team for Children/Adult Group & Private Instruction under the direction of Sifu David Chang 2004-2012