About Instructor

My name is Dawn Nader; you can find me playing and falling in love with the moment in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, IL. I am a proponent of mindful movement for wellness. I dedicate my time to introducing communities to Tai Chi using the TaijiFit™ Method.

My journey towards wellness through the Chinese Martial Arts provides a unique perspective on using mindful movement as an exercise to empower the mind, strengthen the body, boost the immune system, and improve the condition of the human spirit. The TaijiFit™ Method plays an important role in this process by creating a safe, stress free experience that makes Tai Chi enjoyable and accessible to all. It’s all about FLOW (Feel Love Over Worry). When you begin to notice the presence or absence of your breath and your smile a shift in how we use our body begins.

I have degree in elementary education from St. Cloud State University, specializing in early-childhood education. I have been married to my junior-high sweetheart for more than 25 years and I am the mother of 2 college age boys.

In my spare time, I enjoy spontaneous pack howls (with my beagles), digging in the dirt (aka gardening), and music (including singing by myself in cars and bathrooms).

In addition, my husband and I have started to play and explore Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

I became a certified TaijiFit™ Instructor in 2014

  • Independently contracted Tai Chi service provider in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.
  • Offerings include-Tai Chi Movement Experiences using the TaijiFit™ method, as well as instruction for the most popular Tai Chi Form in the world-the 24 Movement Simplified Yang Style Form (Beijing Short Form) & it’s companion form-the 32 Movement Simplified Yang Style Sword Form (Beijing Sword Form).
  • CPR & First Aid Certified- Red Cross
  • Instructor Insurance Policy w/ Philadelphia Insurance provides coverage to facilitate the TaijiFit™ method as well as Tai Chi Fundamentals found in Yang Style Beijing Forms (24 Form / 32 Sword Form) Policy Covers one to one, small group, large group, public and non-public venues, traditional fitness and non-traditional fitness venues such as parks, private schools, club houses, homes & corporate wellness facilities.

Moving beyond a forms-based approach, I continue to build upon this foundation as an indoor-student and protégée of Master David-Dorian Ross, and invited student of Grand Master Chungliang (Al) Huang. Together, we explore Classical Tai Chi philosophy, essential principles, energy flow, and teaching methodology.

I bring to participants 15+ years of experience as a lifelong student and instructor in Wushu, Yang Style Tai Chi & Straight Sword and countless hours of continuing education/training.

My why? – FLOW. Feeling Love Over Worry.

The outcome I desire? – Feeling at EASE in the moment. Feeling at EASE in my body.

My biggest aha-moment in my Tai Chi journey? – Being able to answer, “At this moment, how do I feel…ease or unease?”

I bring to my participants a heart full of love; a heart that smiles when it feels love over worry. In the TaijiFitTM Method we call it FLOW. This place of ease is the center of my practice. I want each person I meet to take with them the gift my teachers have given to me.



  • Begins training w/Sifu David Chang Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy in San Jose, CA


  • Relocates to Chicagoland.


  • Begins training w/ Master David-Dorian Ross Yang Style Tai Chi & the TaijiFit™ Method.


  • Certified TaijiFit™ Method Instructor (Feb. 2014)
  • Senior Instructor Leadership Team for TaijiFit™ International
  • Mentor-TaijiFit Basic Instructor Certification Program
  • Indoor Student w/ Master David-Dorian Ross
  • Private Student w/ Master David-Dorian Ross
  • Certified by Master David-Dorian Ross to provide instruction in the Beijing 24 Form/ 32 Sword Form.


  • Certified Master Trainer for the TaijiFit™ Method
  • CMAT California Martial Arts Tournament- UC Berkley (Advanced Women 40+ Division , Gold Medal 24 Form/Gold Medal 32 Sword Form)
  • Certified TaijiFit™ Method Tai Chi 4 Veterans Instructor
  • Approved Tai Chi Service Provided for Veterans Administration Community Care Network (VA CCN)
  • Invited Student w/ Master Chungliang (Al Huang) Living Tao Foundation
  • Private Student w/ AMSAT Certified Jeremy Cohn-Freedom In Motion-Alexander Technique Chicago


  • Elevate Tai Chi Launches (Dawn Nader Founder/Owner)

Previous and current clients include-

  • Morton Arboretum- Lisle, IL
  • Joliet Junior College North & Main Campus-Life Long Learning Program
  • American Association of University Women-Naperville, IL Chapter
  • Carilion Club 55+ Active Adult Community-Naperville, IL
  • YMCA Metropolitan Chicago- Naperville, IL (Kroehler & Fry Family Y)
  • Tivity Silver Sneakers FLEX Program 
  • HUMANA Guidance Centers- Lombard, IL & Naperville, IL
  • Acacia Academy Private Day School for Special Needs, Elementary/ Middle School Physical Education Facilitator-La Grange Highlands, IL
  • TaijiFit™International- David-Dorian Ross (Founder/CEO) Master Trainer / Senior Instructor Leadership Team
  • Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy-San Jose, CA-Sifu David Chang 2004-2012 Black Belt (5th Duan) / Senior Instructor Leadership Team