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It’s official-We now have a name!

It’s official- After YEARS of listening for that whisper from my heart to find it’s way to me…I am proud to announce we have a name! Welcome to ELEVATE TAI CHI. Our mission- To ELEVATE the condition of the human spirit…one ahh— at a time! In our movement experience we step in to that beautiful space called NOW. We set the intention for the time we share by acknowledging the three treasures of Tai Chi. SKY energy fill me. (Heaven Above) EARTH energy hold me. (Earth Below) And, the energy of HUMANITY open my heart. Connect to me. (Humanity is the conduit, the balancer, the connector between the two.). It is with great love and deepest gratitude to my husband, Mike Nader and teachers: Sifu David Chang-Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy San Jose, CA; Master Chungliang (Al Huang)-Living Tao Foundation and Master David-Dorian Ross-TaijiFit International that I now unveil our name and logo. Here’s to many years of lifting each other up, letting go of the tension that keeps our energy stagnant and ELEVATING the condition of the human spirit to greater ease through a living philosophy of Tai Chi…we have come to know as balance & harmony.
“May the words that I think, fall softly on my heart. May the words that I speak, fall softly on the hearts of others. And, May the love in my heart, always find a way, into the heart of another. “- Dawn Nader, Elevate Tai Chi

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