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Living Tao Foundation Lang Ting Institute

UPDATE 06/06/2020-
Living Tao Foundation has announced the cancelation of the August-3 week seminar at the River House in Gold Beach, Oregon.  Plans for an online seminar are in the works.   With this in mind, Dawn will still take this time (the 1st 3 weeks in August) for continued education & personal growth.  Please mark your calendar and plan accordingly.  Thank you for your love and continued support of self care, continuing education and personal growth to continue to serve our communities to the best of my ability.  Time to return to the mindset of the beginner student is a precious gift. 

Continuing her education Dawn attends the Living Tao Foundation-Lan Ting Institute Winter, Spring & Summer Seminars.  She uses this time to explore the FLOW of QI (energy) in movement, Chinese Culture, Calligraphy & Literary Classics,  side by side with her teachers Master David-Dorian Ross and Grand Master Chungliang (Al) Huang.   As dates are announced please mark your calendar. Dawn will be attending these seminars each year.  University of Illinois- May (1 week over Memorial Day ) & The River House-Gold Beach, OR- February & August (3 weeks each).  Classes and meetups will not be held during those weeks)  

Teacher and Student Lifelong Learners Side By Side
Gold Beach, OR August 2019 “River House” LAN Ting Institute Summer Seminarians
Teacher and Student Side By Side-Lifelong Learning in Gold Beach, OR-August 2019 “River House” Lang Ting Institute Summer Seminarians Master David-Dorian Ross and his student Dawn Nader continue to deepen their foundation in Yang Style Tai Chi w/ Grand Master Chungliang (Al Huang) during the Living Tao Foundation’s 3 Week Lan Ting Institute Summer Seminarian Program.
Grandmaster Chungliang (Al Huang) saying goodbye and welcoming Dawn as a student. Calligraphy that Dawn is holding means (the process of) blooming
Saying Goodbye & thank you- As their time at the “River House” comes to a close-a new chapter begins. Master David-Dorian Ross and his student Dawn Nader say thank you as Dawn is invited to join her teacher as a student, under Grandmaster Chungliang (Al Huang)- Gold Beach, OR @ the Living Tao Foundation “River House” Lan Ting Institute Summer Seminarians August 2019

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