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Meetup Group Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL –

UPDATE 06/06/2020-

Our action plan runs through 06/12/2020.

On 06/14/2020 our Summer Schedule will begin. The Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL Summer Park Meetups will be back!

TU / TH 9 AM Walk & Talk before class! Gather at the Flagpole in the main parking lot located on Plaza Dr./ Blackhawk Dr.

TU / TH 10 AM TaijiFit- FLOW at the FOUNTAIN IN THE CENTER OF THE PARK we begin our flow at 10:15 AM.

TH 9 AM Yang Style 24 Form / 32 Sword Form. (Participants should be familiar with the FULL FORM and be able to run the form in a group w/minimal cues. Time for Q&A is provided. )

Social distancing & health protocols should be followed for your continued safety.
Meetups are donation based. Suggested donation of $5.

Mark your calendar – NO Classes / Meetups

1 WEEK BREAK- SA 07/04 – SU 07/12

3 WEEK BREAK- SA 08/01- SU 08/23

You can always reach me @ 408-204-1229 (text only) or dnader01@mac.com Please reach out if you wish to join our Meetup Group.

Fall 2020 Begins M 8/24 & Ends W 12/23

1 Week Break- SA 11/21-SU 11/29

2 Week Break- TH 12/24 -SU 1/10

TU/TH 10AM Meetup Ty Warner Park- Westmont, IL

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