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Carillion Club Active Adult Community

UPDATE 06/06/2020- The clubhouse remains closed. ALL classes remain canceled. No new information has been provided by Eileen. You are missed my friends. Our action plan has details to participate online. Our current online schedule will run as is through 06/12/2020. As more information is released by Eileen, I will keep you posted here. With the evolving circumstances, your support has been greatly appreciated. You can always reach me @ 408-204-1229 (text only) or dnader01@mac.com. When the clubhouse reopens you can look forward to the following weekly offerings:


Gather in the Clubhouse Group Fitness Room.

TU 3PM TaijiFit-Flow

F 12PM TaijiFit-Flow

Mark your calendar- NO Classes / Meetups

1 WEEK BREAK- SA 07/04/2020-SU 07/12/2020

3 WEEK BREAK- SA 08/01- SU 08/23

1 Week Break- SA 11/21-SU 11/29

2 Week Break- TH 12/24 -SU 1/10

Carillion Club- Naperville, IL

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