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Joliet Junior College- Tai Chi @Main Campus up and running for Spring 2020 Registration is OPEN. Classes Jan. 13th-May18th. Offered in 4 week sessions! Register now for multiple 4 week sessions.

Register online www://JJC.edu/LLC
Register by phone (815) 280-1555
For Veteran enrollment information contact Brenda Large (815)280-1504 or blarge@jjc.edu

I’m looking forward to flowing with you again in January! Until then, rest and fill your heart with joy. 

Registration is open. The link can be accessed through www.jjc.edu/llc

JJC will keep registration open until a section fills to capacity. 1 week before the start date JJC will confirm or cancel due to low enrollment.*

Here’s what you will need to know for 
registration. (Please consider registering for multiple sections while you are thinking about it!) *

Spring 2020- Life Long Learning Catalog 
TaijiFit™ Flow (LLC 5629) 
Instructor-Dawn Nader

Session 1: M 1/13-F 2/07 (No Class M 1/20 MLK Day) 4 Weeks. We are currently running Session 1 at Main Campus. * Please register now for our next 3 sessions. We offer TaijiFit at Main Campus in Joliet & North Campus in Romeoville. Register early so these offerings are not cancelled.
Session 2: M 2/24-F 3/20 4 Weeks
Session 3: M 3/23-F 4/17 4 Weeks
Session 4: M 4/20-F 5/15 4 Weeks

T1 M 6:30-7:30PM Romeoville  
Jan. 13-Feb. 3 $49 (No class Jan. 20)

T2 W 10-11AM Romeoville 
Jan. 15-Feb. 5 $49

T3 W 5-6PM Main  
Jan. 15-Feb. 5 $49

T4 M 6:30-7:30PM Romeoville  
Feb. 24-March 16 $49

T5 W 10-11AM Romeoville  
Feb. 26-March 18 $49

T6 W 5-6PM Main  
Feb. 26-March 18 $49

T7 M 6:30-7:30PM Romeoville 
March 23-April 13 $49

T8 W 10-11AM Romeoville 
March 25-April 15 $49

T9 W 5-6PM Main 
March 25-April 15 $49

T10 M 6:30-7:30PM Romeoville 
April 20-May 11 $49

T11 W 10-11AM Romeoville 
April 22-May 13 $49

T12 W 5-6PM Main 
April 22-May 13 $49

*Due to cost recovery guidelines set by JJC a minimum of 5 paying participants in a section will be needed to keep the section from being cancelled. Rest assured, if you have registered for a section that does not meet the cost recovery guidelines you will be contacted by JJC and given options for a alternate sections or receive a refund. 
Once 5 paying participants have registered for a section of TaijiFit Flow it will be available for FREE to veterans who provide a V.A.C.C.N. referral. Beginning January 22 (Will, Dupage & Cook Counties) you can begin the referral process through your VA primary care provider. Have questions about referrals or the newly expanded VA CCN complimentary care benefits and the VA CCN Community Care Network of Tai Chi Service Providers please reach out to info@taijifit.net. David-Dorian Ross is the National Coordinator for Tai Chi for Veterans and is committed to helping Veterans gain access to Tai Chi. Please reach out. When you have a referral number contact Brenda Large at (815) 280-1504 or blarge@jjc.edu for veteran enrollment information.


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