5 Things To Know-NEW VA CCN Tai Chi For Veterans Program

VA CCN Tai Chi for Veterans is a new Federal program in the Veterans Administration Community Care Network for Complimentary/Integrative Services. The VA CCN Tai Chi for Veterans Program is offered outside of a VA Hospital, VA Clinic or any VA Federal Facility. It brings Tai Chi directly into our local communities and makes Tai Chi more accessible to Veterans. 1. VA Goal- In an effort to decrease drug dependency, VA is actively exploring alternative forms of therapy to help Veterans ease pain and trauma. Tai Chi, a moving meditation, focuses on breathing and mindfulness techniques paired with light physical motions. In addition to improved physical health, Tai Chi may prove beneficial in the management of opioid dependence & reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). – VA Vantage Point-Alternative therapy: Veterans find relief through tai chi- May 22, 2018 2. The Mission Act- New legislation that expands benefits under the VA Complimentary / Integrative Health Services to include Tai Chi. Veterans can now find relief outside of the VA … Continue reading 5 Things To Know-NEW VA CCN Tai Chi For Veterans Program