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Reconnecting kids of all ages to their smile-that’s how we roll!

Each Wednesday, Dawn Nader has the opportunity and the pleasure of re-introducing elementary and middle school children to the art of play!

Dawn is independently contracted to facilitate group movement activities during PE classes at Acacia Academy Private Day School for Special Needs- LaGrange Highlands, IL.
We’re having a great time playing together!
Today’s activity (Noodle Hockey) is quickly becoming a student AND teacher favorite!  Each smile has the power to create change for the good.  A smile is a drop of water falling into a pond.  It’s ripples traverse the surface carrying love that reawakens the heart. You can never go wrong when you lead kids of all ages back to love.  Love for yourself. Love for others.  Love for your community. Love for this beautiful day!  You want to become the best version of yourself-find your smile. My goal is simple…improving the condition of the human spirit one breath at a time.  Fall in love with the moment. Fall in love with play.

Are you a kid at heart deep inside?  Would you like to explore movement and magic of play with Dawn?
Have you forgotten what it feels like to play?

Dawn Nader can be independently contracted to facilitate group movement experiences for your community.  Adapted Recreational Games & TaijiFit …that’s how we roll!

Join the fun!

Introducing communities to the healing power of play.
Reconnecting kids of all ages to their smile.
Strengthening communities one smile at a time!


Noodle Hockey-Adapted Recreational Activities with Dawn Nader

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