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Fall Updates!

It’s official! 

NEW EVENING CLASS starting November 7th @ Fry Family YMCA in South Naperville (95th ST & Book)

W 7:30-8:25PM TaijiFit 

NEW EVENING CLASS at Kroehler Family YMCA in Downtown Naperville (Washington ST) is coming soon-January 2019!

Important Changes!
Fall is upon us and Winter has decided to make an early appearance.

1st-Due to sudden turn in the temperature our Public Meetups @ Ty Warner Park-Westmont, IL have ended for the year!

TU / TH 10AM TaijiFit Meetup
W 7PM TaijiFit Meetup

We go with the flow on this one my friends. Thank you for coming out to play and please look for updates this Spring for their return!

2nd-If you attend Kroehler Family YMCA, TaijiFit Fridays 8:45-9:30AM is moving to a new location. Beginning Oct. 19th we will be meeting on the raquet ball court. If you do not use stairs, please ask the front desk for assistance. A safer option is available.


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