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Spring Session 2018 Starts In One Week! Can you believe it?

Spring Session 2018 Starts In One Week! Can you believe it?
Please join me in welcoming our new studio participants- Ruth & Sandra.
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share my love for TaijiFit with new friends.
Thank you for your generous gift of time and love each week.

An invitation to dance with Spring-
Rain fall gently – settled dust connect to the rhythm of nature, give way to a single drop of water- dust and water coalesce, slide, sinking slowly down the window of my mind.
White clouds float slowly – body suspended, heavy- head weightless, alert – whispy thoughts pass through to dance with the blue sky.
Light shine through me- bathe my heart in a warm yellow glow – draw my awareness inward toward the abundance of love- inside me.
Fragrance and colors awaken- draw my awareness outward toward the abundance of love- around me.
Breeze whisper softly to my heart that I am safe- draw my spirit closer until we merge- the breeze swirling with my own true nature.
I look forward to flowing with you!


Dawn Nader

Important Dates Coming Up –

Winter Session 2017-18 – Week #10 Monday February 18, 2018
Time to Prepay the New Session!
(You can prepay the new session beginning the last week of the current session through the 1st day of the new session.)

Spring Session 2018 –
Week #1 Monday February 26, 2018
Week #10 Monday May 7, 2018

Closed Week – Monday March 26, 2018 through Monday April 2, 2018
(Spring Break / Easter / Dawn in CA training with her teacher.)
Classes Resume- Week #5 Tuesday April 3, 2018

Closed Week – Monday May 14 through Monday May 21
(Dawn in NC TaijiFit Immersion 2018)

Summer Session 2018 –
Week #1 Tuesday May 22, 2018
Week #10 Monday August 6, 2018

Closed 2 Weeks – Monday June 4 through Monday June 18
(Dawn’s Youngest Son Gavin HS Graduation & 25th Wedding Anniversary)
Classes Resume- Week #3 Tuesday June 19, 2018

Closed Day – Only Wednesday July 4, 2018

Late Summer Session 2018 –
Week #1 Monday August 13, 2018

Let’s get you started-
New participants are welcome to join us.

Group Studio Classes-
M, TU, TH & F
10AM TaijiFit

FREE- Open Studio FOR ALL Studio Participants-
M, TU, TH, F
9AM Self Lead Workout Time Cardio & Strength Development
11AM 24 Form Review & Beginners Intro to 24 Form

Group Studio Classes –

Pay As You Go $5 per class (cash only)


Prepay Session – 10 weeks of classes for the price of 8 weeks (cash or personal check)
1x per week $40; 2x per week $80; Unlimited $120

Every Session has 10 Weeks. Closed weeks do not count as part of the 10.
Use the 2 free weeks as built in make-up classes or as a bonus for perfect attendance.

Weekly Private Classes- available upon request.
1 Class – 60 Minutes $30 (cash)
10 Classes- 60 Minutes (1x per week -10 Week Session ) $20 per Class = $200 (cash or personal check)
Each additional person is $5 (Studio Maxiimum Capacity is 8 to 10 Participants)
Booked in 60 Minute Time Slots – 45 Minutes of Floor-time with time to transition into and out of your lesson smoothly.

Friendly Reminders-
Please no drop ins- As a courtesy, please let me know when you are coming or unable to make your time slot. Contact me by email dnader01@mac.com or text 408-204-1229 -no voicemail.
Parking available on right side of the street. Tuesday is garbage can day. Give yourself extra time to find parking.
Come early-give yourself time to relax. We usually start moving at 10:05 AM & finish moving at 10:50 AM. Sometimes there’s a great conversation and much love being shared in the community so we get started a little later. Rest assured class will finish at 11AM at the latest.
Relax, enjoy friendly conversation and a cup of tea before we start.
Studio is located on the back side of the house- walk down the driveway & use the back door.
Double check the gate to make sure it locks.
We are a family of dog lovers- Please let me know in advance. I am happy to make sure the beagle boys are being loved by a family member in a different part of our home.

Dawn Nader
Find out more. Visit: dawnnadertaijifit.me

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