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Fall 2017 Session Calendar Reminders


Good morning. It’s a rainy, slow Fall morning. A perfect opportunity to look ahead for a moment to pass along a few important reminders. Please take a moment to put the following information on your calendar:

Home Studio-
M 10/23/17-Week #7 Begins
F 11/17/17-Fall 2017 Session Ends
M 11/20-Closed 2 Weeks Thanksgiving Break
M 12/4-Winter Session 2017 Begins
M 12/25-Closed 2 Week Christmas & New Years Break
M 1/8-All Classes Resume
F 2/23-Winter Session 2017 Ends

On-line Studio TaijiFit-
I am not available to lead class on the dates listed below. Please connect with the TaijiFit Community Page on Facebook for daily schedule updates.
TU 10/31, TU 11/21, SA 11/25, TU 11/28
TU 12/26, SA 12/30, TU 1/2

Humana Neighborhood Location-Lombard
No TaijiFit Classes M 11/20, TU 11/21, M 11/27
TU 12/26, TH 12/28, F 12/29, TU 1/2, TH 1/4, F 1/5
Humana Closed TH 11/23, F 11/24, M 12/25, M 1/1

I want to thank you in advance for your support as I use this beautiful gift of time to focus on family, personal health / wellbeing & educational development in Tai-Chi / Taiji & Qigong.
I am truly grateful for your gifts of time, love & friendship. I wish for each of you peace and love throughout this holiday season. May good health and safe travels be with each you. And, may you always find…
Peace in your mind. Peace in you heart. Peace in your day.


Dawn Nader
CertifiedTaijiFit Instructor
Certified Silver Sneakers Flex Instructor
Independent Contractor
Let’s start a new class in your community.
Private Classes Available
200 Hour Certification for TaijiFit & Over 10 years experience Wushu-Yang Style Tai-Chi & Straight Sword. Find out more. Visit: dawnnadertaijifit.me

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