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Are you interested in starting TaijiFit classes?

Are you interested in starting TaijiFit classes?

Let’s talk-

What’s does your own schedule look like?When are you available to attend classes? What type of experience are you looking for?

Maybe you work & or travel for work?

Maybe you live in a different state or country?

Maybe you desire a private class for yourself or  a group of people where you work?

Maybe you want to learn the most popular Taiji/Tai-Chi Form in the World?

Maybe you are looking for a great group fitness workout or a gentle way to move the body, breathe & let go of tension?

My teaching schedule is flexible and I will open new time slots to accommodate the needs of students.

There are many ways to get you started on your own journey to ahhh.

I look forward to speaking  with you soon.

Reach out anytime-

dnader01@mac .com



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