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Welcome Back! NEW changes to our class schedule…take a look.

Welcome back! I hope your break was relaxing and filled with love.

3 new changes are now active in our weekly class schedule:

1st- MWF 7PM TaijiFit @ Ty Warner Park has been removed from the schedule. Please join us TU 10AM meet @ the Flagpole 45 mins. walking & 15 mins. TaijiFit.

2nd- MF 4PM TaijiFit Fire Fusion Circuit will only be offered on M 4PM-if you are interested in this class but want different days/times or additional days/times please let me know.

3rd- Our new classes at Humana Neighborhood Location-Lombard, IL have begun however we did make a few changes to the new offerings to ensure participation remains high.  I have included an updated schedule for this location. This schedule is active as of Monday, July 17th.

  • participant numbers are important- classes with low attendance will be removed
  • new classes are active now but will not appear on the Humana calendar until September & class names may be altered on the Humana calendar.
  • TaijiFit™ at this location is part of the Silver Sneakers FLEX program-free for Humana Medicare Advantage Members-present your Silver Sneakers Card at each class

NEW TaijiFit™ schedule at Humana Neighborhood Location-Lombard, IL
M 9AM TaijiFit™  (may appear as TaijiFit™-Balance)
TU/TH 1PM TaijiFit™ Iron Fusion (may appear as TaijiFit™-Pilates & Meditation)
TU/TH 2PM TaijiFit™ 24 Form
F 10PM TaijiFit™ Bamboo Fusion (may appear as TaijiFit™-Yoga & Meditation)

TaijiFit™- Enjoy 45-minutes of continuous-follow-along mirror image movement in this group fitness class. In TaijiFit™the best of Qigong, Tai-Chi, meditation & group fitness come together to create a gentle yet energizing FLOW.  Breathe & body work together to improve strength, stability & range of motion. TaijiFit™ is more than just a class-it’s an experience. Enjoy great music, great energy- and most of all, great people!

TaijiFit™ Iron Fusion- Features TaijiFit™ w/ Weighted Balls, Sticks & Pilates. Guided Meditation is offered upon request at the end of this class.

TaijiFit™ Bamboo Fusion- Features TaijiFit™ & Hatha Yoga. Guided Meditation is offered upon request at the end of this class.

TaijiFit™Fire Fusion- Features TaijiFit™ & Kungfu Kicks / Punches

TaijiFit™ 24 Form- Enjoy 60-minutes. of small group instruction. Designed for the TaijiFit enthusiast, who wants more! Learn more about the wonderful Yang Style movements we play with in TaijiFit. TaijiFit™ & the Beginning FUNdamentals of Tai-Chi come together to create flow that travels from one side of the room to the other. Participants are introduced to the world’s most popular Tai-Chi form: 24 Movement Simplified Yang Style Form. Class is tailored to meet the needs of the beginning student who has no prior experience with Tai-Chi. Private classes available upon request.

TaijiFit™ Walking Group @ Ty Warner Park-Available through the Dawn Nader Home Studio. Enjoy 60-minutes of movement. Offered Summer & Fall Sessions. Group departs the flag pole parking lot at 10AM for 45-minutes of brisk walking around the perimeter of the park. Finish with a 15-minute TaijiFit™ flow.

TaijiFit™ Fire Fusion Circut- (The ring of Fire!) Dawn Nader Home Studio Exclusive! You asked for a class that consolidates your fitness favorites into one experience and together we made it happen. Designed from the generous input of our participants. Enjoy 60-minutes of movement in this group fitness class the combines: Cardio Favorites- Spinning/ Tread Mill/ Jump Rope/ Kick Boxing. Strength Training Favorites-High Intensity Interval Training/Plyometrics & Yang Style 24 Form or TaijiFit


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