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Spring Forward into our NEW session-Spring Session 2017 Begins Monday March 13!

Welcome to the Dawn Nader Home Studio

Each class offers a fun and stress free way to enjoy the healthful benefits of Tai-Chi- all from the comfort of Dawn’s Home Studio in Clarendon Hills, IL. A small group setting with plenty of personalized care makes your introduction to Tai-Chi a wonderful experience. The start our new session brings with it a few changes based on the generous input of our participants. Please read the class descriptions carefully to select an experience that will help you find your “ahhh”. Private classes can be scheduled at your request to give you exactly what you are looking for. Before your first class, please take a moment to read through the information that follows:

Class Schedule
Contact Information & Directions
Get Started / FAQs
Liability Waiver & Emergency Information

Should questions arise please reach out. I look forward to flowing with you in class soon.


Dawn Nader


Winter Session 2017: Ends- F 3/10

Spring Session 2017:  Begins- M 3/13  Ends- F 5/26  No Class: F 3/24 through SU 4/2 – All Classes Resume M 4/3 & SA 5/27 through SU 6/4 – New Session Begins M 6/5  NOTE: We will have class on F 4/14 Good Friday, & M 4/17 Day After Easter Sunday.  Please make arrangements in advance to attend a different class that week if you will not attend your scheduled class(es).

Summer Session 2017: Begins- M 6/5  Ends- F 8/25  No Class: SA 7/1 through SU 7/16 -All Classes Resume M 7/17  & SA 8/26 through M 9/11 -New Session Begins TU 9/12

Fall Session 2017: Begins- TU 9/12 Ends- F 11/17  No Class: TU 10/31 Halloween only AFTN / EVE classes cancelled.  Please make arrangements in advance to attend a different class this week & SA 11/18 through M 11/27 – All Classes Resume on TU 11/28

Class Schedule

Mon, Fri 4PM  TaijiFit Strength & Stretch:  You asked for a 60-minute Combo Class and here it is! Designed from the input of our studio participants exclusively for our studio. Usually this class is offered as a 45-minute, group fitness class experience w/ only TaijiFit Fusion. You said, “I love TaijiFit Fusion but I like the other parts of my workout routine too. I don’t have time to add another class to my week. Can you offer a longer class that consolidates my favorites into one experience?”.  Yes, we can & yes we did! Enjoy 60-minutes of movement that can be mixed & matched to give you a different experience in each class.  Your experience will include:  Warmup Exercises & Basic Stretching;  TaijiFit Fusion of Yang Style Taiji & Hatha Yoga; Strength & Stability Exercises or Assisted Stretching; 8 Brocades Qigong or Restorative Meditation.  Meet your body where it is at today-modifications are welcomed & encouraged. Participants will be moving into positions that require standing, bending & balancing. At times, the body may tilt / head may sink below the waist line. Participants who experience dizziness or have difficulty getting down on the floor & back up may find the Tues, Thurs 10 AM or Mon, Wed, Fri 7 PM classes a more enjoyable experience.

Tues 10AM TaijiFit Walking Group @ Ty Warner Park, Westmont:  A 60-minute experience  offered during the Spring, Summer & Fall Sessions.  Enjoy 45-minutes of brisk walking & finish with a 15 minute TaijiFit Flow.  Group departs from the flagpole parking lot at 10 AM.  We walk the park perimeter 2 to 3 times in 45-minutes. Please make sure the instructor has your e-mail address. If the weather is not cooperating a group e-mail will be sent out at 9:00AM only if class will be at our studio.  Call me directly at 408-204-1229 if you want to confirm.  Please apply sunscreen & bug repellant before you arrive. Bring water & sunglasses. Ty Warner Park is located 1 block North of Ogden Ave. on Blackhawk Dr. Park in the lot by the flag pole.  NOTE: If you don’t see my car (white Acura) please call me 408-204-1229.

Weds 4PM TaijiFit 24:  In this 60-minute class participants create gentle flow using the 24 Movement Simplified Yang Style Form- the most popular Tai Chi form in the world. This is a great companion class for the TaijiFit enthusiast that would like to learn more about the wonderful moves we play with in TaijiFit. Participants are introduced to the beginning fundamentals of traditional Yang Style Taiji. This class moves slowly through the 24 Movement Form and provides plenty of time to play with new information and ask questions. Your experience is meant to be stress free and fun as we explore how to link moves together that travel, taking us from one side of the room to the other. It is designed for a beginner with no previous experience with Taiji outside of TaijiFit. After class, enjoy additional floor time to practice and ask questions.

Thurs 10AM TaijiFit:  Enjoy 45-minutes of continuous movement in this gentle flow that combines the best parts of Tai Chi, Meditation, and Group Fitness. Chairs are provided for those who need a break or wish to participate from a seated position.

Mon, Wed, Fri 7PM TaijiFit @Ty Warner Park, Westmont:  Summer Session Only- 1st class meets M 6/5/2017  Last class is F 8/25/2017.  Enjoy 45-minutes of continuous movement in this gentle flow that combines the best parts of Tai Chi, Meditation & Group Fitness. This class meets at Ty Warner Park in Westmont by the fountain in the center of the park, next to the Veteran’s Memorial. There are park benches available around the fountain. This fountain is the only fountain not in a pond. Please apply sunscreen & bug repellant before you arrive. Bring water & sunglasses. Ty Warner Park is located 1 block North of Ogden Ave. on Blackhawk Dr. Park in the lot by the flag pole or street side parking on Chestnut located at the backside of the park by the tennis courts.  Please make sure I have your e-mail address. If the weather is not cooperating a group e-mail will be sent out at 6PM only if class will be at our studio. Call me directly at 408-204-1229 in you want to confirm.  NOTE: Summer Park Session lasts 10 weeks. $5 per class (cash only).  Studio Participants can add Summer Park Classes when they Prepay Session & get all classes in weeks 9 &10 FREE (cash or personal check- $25 returned check fee)  No classes the week of 4th of July & the week following. They are not counted as part of the 10 weeks.

Contact Information & Directions

Instructor: Dawn Nader
Find out more information visit: dawnnadertaijifit.me
24 Iroquois Dr. Clarendon Hills, IL 60514

Traveling on Ogden Ave. (EAST).  Right onto Blackhawk Dr. (SOUTH). Straight until it dead ends at Algonquin. Right on Algonquin & Immediate left on Iroquois Dr. House is on the Right side of street. Number 24. If you get to the stop sign at Norfolk you missed it. You can park in my driveway or on my side of the street. Walk down the driveway to the gate. Come on in the back door. The studio is at the back door.

Getting Started / FAQs

How do I get started?  Please schedule your weekly time slots with the instructor before the beginning of the session. You may enroll in multiple classes per week. Indoor classes consist of small groups (maximum 6 participants).  No walk-ins.  Plan on attending that same time slot for the entire session. A session is 10 weeks-4 sessions per year (fall, winter, spring, summer). You will always have 10 weeks of classes. Closed weeks have not been counted as part of the 10-week session.  Look at the class schedule. Choose the number of classes you want to attend per week.  Pay-As-You-Go-$5 per class (cash only)  OR Prepay- 8 weeks of classes and receive your classes in weeks 9 and 10 FREE (cash or personal check-$25 fee on returned check) 1 class per week $40; 2 classes per week $80; 3 classes per week $120; Unlimited Classes $160.  Private Classes:  Pay-As-You-Go-$30 dollars per 1hr time slot for the 1st person & each additional person is $5 (cash only).  OR Prepay: 10 weeks of private classes to get the reduced price of $20 per hour for the 1st person & each additional person is $5 (cash or check-$25 fee on returned check).  You must use all 10 classes in the 10-week session-no roll-overs into the next session.  Gift Certificates:  Available for group & private classes great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Birthday!  Referral Bonus:  When your referral prepays their 1st session you will receive a gift certificate for $10. You can turn it in to apply it toward your next session of group classes or private classes. You may apply multiple gift certificates to a session.

When do I pay for my classes?  Prepayment is due the 1st class of the session.  Pay-As-You Go will be collected before the start of each class. You may begin when a session is in progress-pay as you go until the current session ends or write a check for the remainder of classes for the current session.  When the new session begins you are eligible to prepay the new session.

Is there any paperwork to fill out?  Bring the signed liability waiver / emergency contact form with you to your first class.

What if I miss a class?  The instructor does not schedule “make ups” – If you miss your scheduled class, you have the option to come to a different day/ time of this class. Please inform the instructor what class you will be attending. No refunds for missed or unused classes. Classes are void at the close of the session. No roll-overs into the next session. No-Shows will not be given permission to attend a different class. As a courtesy, please inform the instructor when you will not be at a scheduled class. Private Classes- if you call / text / email by 10AM on the day of your class you can reschedule the class. No roll-overs into the next session.

Where do you want us to park?  Can we use the front door?  You may park in the driveway or on my side (west side) of the street. Walk down the driveway to the back door. Entrance to the studio is at the back of the house through the gate. The front part of the house is family space. Please come in and out the back gate & door. Enter quietly as you notice where participants are located & what they are doing. Be aware that gates & doors opening or closing & loud conversations can be distracting- classes may be in progress on the patio or inside. Look for our dogs (Mason & Spencer) before you enter the back gate. Do not stand with the gate/door open. Close the gate/door quietly. Physically double check latch.

Do I need to arrive early to class?  No, you do not need to arrive early. Some of our participants enjoy a little extra time before & after class- that’s great. But, there are a few things to consider before you arrive early or stay after. For obvious reasons- please let the instructor know you would like to arrive early.
If there is no class before or after your class- you are welcome to warm up/cool down or practice. Enjoy friendly conversations to catch up with participants. Snuggle into the cozy chairs or relax on the patio with your beverage of choice. When there are no classes on the floor or patio, friendly conversations are encouraged.

Can I go onto the studio floor or the patio when I arrive?  Will our class be outside on the patio?  Yes, we will be using the patio for classes. In some classes, I may even split the class up sending- 1/2 inside 1/2 outside. As the weather warms, get into the habit of approaching the back gate quietly. Be respectful of classes that may be finishing on the patio. Please look at the schedule for that week. If there is no class before or after yours, you may use the floor & patio.

Can we use the exercise equipment?  You do not have permission to use the exercise equipment unless it is part of your class. If you would like to use the exercise equipment-it can be included as one of your weekly classes or part of your private class time. At all times the instructor must be present & monitoring for safety.

What can I expect when I arrive to class? Come in & help yourself to a beverage. Feel free to bring your favorite snack/beverage to share & enjoy at the studio.  The bathroom is in the back right corner of the studio floor. To limit interruptions during a class, please use the bathroom after the class finishes.  Schedule for the week will be posted along with session information.  Envelopes for pay as you go & prepay participants will be on the counter. Please include your first/last name, date of class & amount you put into the envelope. New Session Calendar & Schedule will be made available by the beginning of week 10.  1st class of the new session- I will be available before & after class for participants who wish to prepay.  1st class paperwork is due.  45-minute Classes- begin 5 mins after the hour & ends 10 mins. till the hour & 60-minute Classes- begin on the hour.  After class enjoy a beverage, use the bathroom & relax in the cozy chairs. Feel free to continue the conversation outside on the patio furniture if a class is starting inside.  If the instructor is on the studio floor or patio working with a participant (s) please wait to be invited into the space. Please be aware of the schedule. A class may need to start soon. If you have a question that I did not answer, please send me a text or email after class. This will keep classes moving on time. I would also appreciate the extra time to consider your question and reply with a meaningful, unhurried response.

Will your family be there during classes?  The instructor’s family could be present in the house during your class. As a general rule they do not come to the back of the house during classes. However, they may pop into the kitchen from time to time- please say hello.

Liability Waiver, Emergency Information & Acknowledgment Form-Orientation Material: (Please bring completed forms to your 1st class.)

Liability Waiver:  (Please initial each line item.)

_____ 1. Before starting an exercise regimen, please consult your doctor(s).  I have consulted with my doctor(s) and I am cleared to participate in the following classes:




_____ 2. I participate in this/these class(es) at my own risk.  The participant is responsible for modifing movement to keep their body happy, tension free, safe & discomfort free.  The partipant fully understands that they can sit or opt out of any part of their class if they feel discomfort.  The classes at this studio are not intended to create discomfort in your body.  Participants are not encouraged to push through or ignor signals of discomfort.  Modifications are encouraged & welcomed.  Each participant has individual needs seen & unseen.  The participant understands that there is more than one way to participate in class activities/ movements/ exercises. The participant is responsible for finding their own ahhh to keep their body smiling on the inside & out. If you are not breathing normally, smiling & having fun something is not right. Participant can ask the instructor for assistance. The participant understands that when the body sends a signal of discomfort, they need to stop moving, address the signal & inform the instructor immediately.

_____ 3. I will not hold the instructor or the home owners financially responsible for personal property, injuries or medical emergencies that occur on the grounds inside/outside- before, during & after class.  I am voluntarily waiving all legal rights.

_____ 4. I understand that if a medical emergency should arise, 911 will be called to send medical assistance-this may include transport by ambulance to an emergency room.

_____ 5. I understand that the participant is financially responsible for:  personal property, all medical fees, all transport fees & any damage to our building, grounds & property inside/outside- before, during & after class.

Emergency Information: 

1. List any alerts / life threatening allergies & medical conditions that your instructor should be aware of:




2. List the RX & OTC medications you are currently taking- include use of inhaler & epi pen:


3. 1st Emergency Contact Name:


4. 1st Emergency Contact: Home # / Mobil # / Work #


5. 2nd Emergency Contact Name:


6. 2nd Emergency Contact: Home # / Mobil # / Work #


Signature of Participant: __________________________________

Date: _______________________

Print-First / Last Name:


Acknowledgment Form-Orientation Material:  (Please bring completed form to your 1st class & initial each line item.)

_____ I have received the orientation information.

_____ I have read the information.

_____ I understand the policies & procedures of this studio.
Signature / Date __________________________________________________________________

Print First & Last Name______________________________________________________________


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